The Ukraine Problem


What Is Known:

The Ukraine problem has been a long-standing issue that has seen no resolution in sight. If Ukraine falls to Russia, the consequences could be a disaster of cataclysmic proportions for both countries and for the world. Russia would gain control of a large portion of Ukrainian territory if not the entire nation of Ukraine, while Ukraine would lose its independence and autonomy and once again be totally ruled by the oppressive and brutal Russian oligarchy.

There is also the very real possibility that if Ukraine falls, Russia would proceed with even more expansive ambitions in its quest to resurrect the old Soviet Empire. This has been suggested as Putin’s reason for his doggedness in his war with Ukraine.

Additionally, the risk of war between Russia and other countries could increase significantly. It is my opinion that Putin is hoping to conquer enough European territory and to subjugate enough European countries to resurrect the old Soviet Empire.

I believe that Putin is more than willing to sacrifice every living soul in contemporary Russia to achieve this objective. He has already proven some of what I am saying by sending hordes of his people into a huge war of attrition regardless of the fact that those being sent to the front are being mown down by withering Ukrainian fire by the hundreds if not by the thousands. That seems to me to illustrate just how serious Putin is toward achieving his ambitions for conquests, for expansion and for power.

It is important to understand the implications of such a situation in order to prevent it from happening. The problem right now is that many of the implications are now becoming more and more transparent and the way of keeping it from happening has not yet been fully realized by all the combatants and the various allied nations.

The Ukraine problem is a complex and long-standing issue that has been ongoing for many years. It has become increasingly dangerous in recent times with Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its military intervention in the eastern part of Ukraine.

If Russia were to completely defeat Ukraine, it would have a significant impact on the United States’ interests both domestically and internationally.

Domestically, it could lead to an increase in Russian influence in the region, as well as a decrease in American influence.

Internationally, it could mean an increase in Russian power and influence throughout Europe and beyond.

The United States must take steps to prevent such an outcome from occurring by continuing to support Ukraine politically, economically, and militarily. It is also important for the US to continue engaging with other countries in the region to ensure that they are not influenced by Russia’s actions or policies toward Ukraine.

The things that I have just reported on here are the very important reasons that the United States needs to keep up the most critically important support for Ukraine in Her desperate battle to remain free because if Ukraine falls, then the rest of Europe is in dire danger from continued Russian expansionism and people here in the United States who are advocating that we withdraw support for Ukraine are acting irresponsibly and trying to put all the rest of us in harm’s way.

Besides which, the way I understand it is that the most noise being made on behalf of withdrawing U.S. support from Ukraine is coming from Republicans and if that is the case then I can understand it because I am sure the Republicans would like to find ways to divert our financial support for Ukraine into their own already bloated pockets. That, in my opinion, is the nature of the right-wing beast.

That, I believe is one reason that some people with insight have dubbed some of the Republicans in power as “The Putin Party.”

Where are my two recently-acquired Trolls who should already be on here disputing everything I am saying and calling me wicked names? I am especially fond of the troll who tries to get on here and talk about my “KKK Leftist Regurgitations.” That one is especially nasty and he gives me libidinal feelings. But I think I scared him, her or it off with some of my personal private responses to him, her or it.

7 thoughts on “The Ukraine Problem

  1. Putin’s ‘gamble’ has exposed so many weaknesses in the Russian military that he has inadvertantly served to make NATO bolder about any risk of confrontation. Given the poor military performance of Russia so far in Ukraine, it seems highly unlikely to me that they would risk an escalation that would involve fighting all the member countries of NATO. Russia is an enormous country, with a huge population, but even so it would eventually run out of available troops and hardware once attacks were carried out inside Russian teritory.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Actually after the fall Russia started dismantling a lot of their weapons….but after talks broke down that situation to0ok a dive. If Russia cannot eat Ukraine with all the ‘help’ they get I do not think they could take on combined European force and definitely not the US…I feel that his desires and his actions will not come together. chuq

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    1. One thing that surprised just about everyone was how bad Russia’s military forces seem to be. Russia was still considered to be one of the “super powers” along with the US and China. Ukraine, meanwhile, was not considered to have a major military capability at all, certainly not one good enough to resist a major offensive by Russia. A lot of people assumed Russia would sweep across Ukraine in just a few weeks.

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  3. Your analysis of this pretty much matches my own. Putin is a former KBG officer with deep ties to the old Soviet regime and I think he does indeed have delusions of grandeur dreaming about recreating the old Soviet Union under his leadership But now Russia has, under his leadership, gone from being a world power to almost a third world nation with widespread poverty, an utterly corrupt government and bureaucracy and what now appears to be a third rate military that has to resort to drafting criminals out of prisons to serve as cannon fodder in the Ukraine war. But he still has access to the Soviet nuclear arsenal so here we sit.

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    1. I would like to know how the soviet nuclear arsenal has held up under the collapse and the corruption. I am betting that the maintenance and upgrades needed have been neglected or not done at all and I am betting that most of the Intercontinental ballistic missiles would not operate at all or would operate so erratically as to make them obsolete and useless.

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      1. That’s a very good question. I was coincidentally reading an article asking that very question about the US arsenal just the other day.

        Some of these weapons, both warheads and delivery systems, are decades old and no one seems to really know if they’ll actually work or not. The government would publicly swear they’re fully functional but who knows? What it boils down to is that no one really seems to know. Things are probably even worse in Russia.


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