Hysterical Historical Facts

The year was 1386 and the place was in France.

Have you ever heard of the bizarre story of the pig that was hanged in 1386 in France? Well, it’s true!

In 1386, a pig was hanged in the town of Autun, France for supposedly killing a child. This strange event has been recorded as one of the most hysterical historical facts from that time period.

The child was named Guillaume de Roussillon, and he was only five years old when he was tragically killed by a wild boar.

It is believed that this act was meant to show justice and send a message to other animals not to commit similar crimes. This event has made its way into history books and remains a popular topic among historians today.

Throughout history, humans have found ways to punish animals for their “crimes” in various countries. While it may seem absurd now, many animals have actually been sentenced to death by human courts for various offenses.

From a donkey accused of witchcraft in the 16th century to a bear sentenced to death for killing a child in the 19th century, the number of animals known to have been sentenced to death by human courts is surprisingly high.

About the donkey I mentioned above …In the 19th century, a donkey in France was sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. This story is an example of the hysteria that surrounded witches and witchcraft during this period of time. It is an interesting tale that shows how superstition and fear can lead to strange outcomes.

Speaking of which, did you know that of the more than Two Thousand people sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft in the days of the Salem witch trials, all of those sentenced to death for the practice were hanged and not burned at the stake as popularly thought?


A little aside here, if you please:

A couple of paragraphs ago, I wrote that early colonists in America killed people suspected of being in league with the devil by various and sundry methods because superstition and fear were extremely widespread.

When I hear that a mass of our early settlers was motivated by superstition and fear, I cannot help but think of our contemporary mess of right-wing radicals who adhere to conspiracy theories with the same dogged determination as if the conspiracies they love so much were Holy Scripture itself.

Today we know that superstition and fear are driven by pure ignorance and “Ignorance ” is defined as:



  1. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.
  2. The state of being ignorant; want of knowledge in general, or concerning some particular matter; the condition of not being cognizant, informed, or aware.
  3. The condition of being ignorant; is the lack of knowledge in general, or in relation to a particular subject; the state of being uneducated or uninformed.

Now you know.

You can thank me later.

5 thoughts on “Hysterical Historical Facts

    1. I cannot believe that you gave me that link about the intellectual collapse of the Republicans in the same week that you posted an article saying that you agree with MGT and the other slug whose name escapes me… Oh yes, Gaetz —/ I agree wholeheartedly that the whole bunch of worm manure has lost their minds .. a long time ago … sometime around the rise of the tea party punks –nothing that any of them says bears the slightest resemblance to common sense. Nothing! None of them!


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