Incarcerated Again

I woke up this morning to find that I have, once again, been thrown into “NextDoor” jail again — for about the third time in three years.

What is “Next Door?” — It is a site that apparently wishes it were Face Book — It is a site where people post notices about their lost dogs and cats, their disorderly neighbors, and their wayward brats.

Most of the people on that site act like total assholes (My opinion entirely) including myself because it is fun (To me, anyway) to vent and tell people what I think of them and their petty little problems.

The problem is there are worse assholes than me on that site and they never seem to be “Disciplined” by the moderators — moderators with seeming God-Like powers to discriminate as they please.

Here are some other people’s opinions about the site:


This website Discriminates and Segregates! With countless attempts to find out why my account is disabled from responding or replying to any post outside my own neighborhood has gone ignored! They suspended my account once with no explanation!
I deleted my account finally!
Website is nothing but whiners anyway!

Date of experience: February 15, 2023

And, Yes, I will go back onto their site once my 4-day suspension is over because I am an old, cranky asshole and telling petty-assed snobs is a hobby that I absolutely enjoy — next best thing to sex as far as I am concerned.

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