24 Feb 2023

I am still alive, which is pleasing to me if to nobody else.— I am getting ready to go for my “Cataract Surgery Evaluation” with the eye surgeon on the 28th — last day of the month. — I kind of hate that it has come to this but something has to be done so I am going for it! — The prospect is not something that I am getting half hard over, but… but … but … we shall see!

Yesterday the temperature outside here was 70-degrees Fahrenheit and today it is back down to 40-degrees again. Shit weather! — But it is better to endure some weather changes than it is to be on the wrong side of the sod.

One of my posts on a site called “Next Door” got 1,200 (One thousand, two hundred) views yesterday — That is the kind of response that I would love to be getting on WordPress.com but it isn’t happening. I do not understand how “Next Door” could get that much more attention than WordPress.com because both these platforms have national reach. — And Next Door doesn’t cost a dime to blog on either! — This development is giving me some pause about whether I should concentrate on the Next Door site and forget all about this loser here. — But if I would leave Wordcrap, I would seriously miss my 5 good friends that have honored me with their attention over the years so I probably will continue using both publishing platforms.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Another Intriguing Mundane Overshare

My friend, Jim, and I went out for Chinese food today — we do that a lot — our local Asian restaurant is very good — expensive but very good — you get what you pay for. I like to eat in the buffet and sample a little bit of almost everything offered on the menu. My average Chinese meal puts about 1,500 calories onto me. That is a day’s worth of calories for me which means I only get one meal on the day that I go for Chinese.

I have been struggling to lose a few pounds so that I can get into my size 44 waist Haggar dress slacks. My slacks have an expandable waistband but I can just about get it buttoned and remain able to breathe — I am not proud of this but it is something I have been fighting for at least the last 50 years and I never seem to win the battle. — Maybe I should just stop struggling and be satisfied with myself the way I am — morbidly obese according to some doctors, well-muscled according to some fitness experts. — Who to believe — Who to believe.

I Am glad to see that former Guy, Trump, finally made it to Palestine, Ohio today to console and comfort the victims of a tragic chemical spill from a wrecked train that nearly poisoned their little community —according to them that is — It was a good photo op for the former president — It will probably do his campaign for the presidency — I do hope that while he was there, comforting the stricken, that he opened up his wallet and made a generous donation toward recovery of their little town. — I see he also took that cheeky young senator J.D. Vance with him — an up-and-comer if ever I saw one — kind of mysterious — I have no idea what Vance has been doing since he scored his big election and became a senator — but I am sure we will find out sooner or later.

Lovely Start To The Day

It always makes me feel really special when I get to 8:45 in the morning and discover that not a single person has read anything on my blog. It really makes my day! February 23, 2023 and not a single visit recorded on the WordPress Statistics thing., Of course, I guess I am lying here because I have visited my blog today. I have visited it, but I guess I do not count because my visit is not showing up in the statistics. Oh I know, it is probably WordPress policy that bloggers cannot see their own visits to their own blogs. I understand that but it doesn’t make a person feel any better to understand that his or her writing is so shitty that even the writer is not allowed to be counted as a visitor. LOL. I didn’t know what to write today because I have been reading a lot of other people’s blogs this morning and my head is kind of swimming –so I have been venting and writing this shit that you are looking at right now if you are on here …and I do hope that somebody is on here …please do not comment on this post because this is a shit post and I know it is not worth the reading …venting… venting .. old useless man venting … pity party — pity party — f-word, f-word, f-word, so go ahead and censor that and make my day complete. LOL …LOL …might as well laugh … better to laugh than to cry …damn, this did turn into a post after all, didn’t it? See what linear genius can do for a person? LOL again!

Daily Prompt

When you can’t think of anything else to write about, you can always depend on the daily blog prompt to inspire you.

So today’s prompt is” What is your favorite pair of shoes and where have they taken you?”

My favorite pair of shoes is any pair of Reeboks or Sketchers. I have several pairs of both brands and they have taken me everywhere from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and from the Mississippi deltas to Lake Superior in Michigan.

They have taken me to the boardrooms of great corporations to the sales offices of lease-rentals for luxury cars, boats and airplanes. They have taken me through the expanses of luxury homes to the finest restaurants the USA has to offer.

They have taken me on long journeys through the mountains and the valleys and the canyons and along most of the worthwhile scenic destinations in The United States, The Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Canada, American Samoa — and others so numerous that I can hardly remember.

They have taken me to beaches and bistros and to bitches and brothels.

They have taken me to church and to the funerals of friends.

They have taken me to bankruptcy court and back to the money markets once again.

They have taken me just about everywhere that snakes don’t bite with the sole exception of Australia where the dreaded Tsanga slithers.

Yes I love my sneakers a lot more than I like those damnable polished shoes that a lot of formal events demand. But then I do not attend formal events anymore and when I was in business I had my own dress code …nice blazer jacket, white shirt and tie, pair of dress denim jeans, and sneakers.

I only wore a tux once … for my senior prom …and I will never wear the snobby-assed things again because they attract a lot of phony people who put on airs and judge people by the amount of money they have …stiff-necked, arrogant .. ignorant … rich snobs … I never quite got to the snob level.

So there is the boring damned prompt fulfilled and now I can go to bed with a free conscience.

I Was Wondering What To Write This Morning

I was wondering what to blog about this morning and a friend of mine came on and told me that if I keep up writing the way I have been writing, I could rename my blog “Liming’s Rambliings.” O.K., I can see that — in fact, I think it might be a good idea …if I were not so in love with myself and with the title I now use for the blog.

“Liming’s Ramblings” is exactly what my blog is … not some authoritative source of information but the ramblings of my mind …similar to the basic communications of “Justin’s Links” (One of the earliest bloggers) (His stuff can now be found on the Internet Archive called “The Wayback Machine,” My blog, “Liming’s Lynkz” is unapologetically nothing more than the opinions and the ramblings of my more than superior intellect. LOL. Thank you for noticing.

Just like every form of media, there is, my stuff is as biased and opinionated as I can make it. There is no reliable source of unbiased news anywhere in the world anymore. If there were, it would never survive. All media is now one form of mind control for one agenda or another and most people do not even realize it. I am one biased bitch and am unafraid to admit it. LOL

I think that is the reason that so many thousands of people love me so much — they know I am opinionated, biased, stubborn and handsome as hell …I feel their love everytime my fingers hit the keyboard — they love me because they know that I am not going to lie to them ….they love me because at the outset I tell them there is nothing on my blog that anybody is required to believe …I am just as good a liar as any professional journalist because I have been a professional journalist and I know how the game is played — I blow smoke up people’s asses and they love me for it because I tell them I am doing it.

You will never find a more honest sonofabitch on the Internet than me.

And I am unanimous in that.


P.S. — And no, you can’t have my body!

Good Question If You Ask Me

The question is, “What do you call a man who has lost 95 percent of his brain capacity?

My first inclination is to call him “Republican.” However, I am sure there are other answers just as accurate and pertinent.

You might also call such an unfortunate “Politician.” That would work in today’s climate I think. Then there is the iconic answer that a lot of backwoods types could come up with, “Dumb as a box of rocks.”

Then there is this more or less obvious choice: “A Trump Supporter.” A penis supporter is called an “Athletic Supporter” and a 95-percent-brain-dead dude would be a Trump Supporter.

Here is another one that fits: MAGAT.

How about this one: “100% smarter than your average right-wing radical conservative.”

Losing 95 percent of your brain power is not such a big handicap in my opinion. I mean the average American voter uses less than 5 percent of his or her brain power to vote for some of the Yahoo running for offices, right? I think that is the main reason why The United States we see today is only about 5% of what it could be if more people would think before they act when they go to the polls.

I like to think of a person who has lost 95% of their intellectual potential as a conspiracy lover –or as a fan of somebody like Tucker Carlson — but that is just my opinion — I happen to like Mr. Carlson — in fact, I am envious of him because he makes more money than I do — of course, I already have as much money as I will ever need but I have to say something on this post to keep my own thought processes moving. (I am old, you know.).

I think I will end this by admitting that I wouldn’t venture to call a man who has lost 95% of his brain capacity anything at all — especially if he was carrying a gun. But in secret, behind his back, in a secluded space where he can’t hear anything I think or say, I think I could safely call him…. “Dangerous” — unless he was confined in a sterile environment where he could get the needed treatment for his incapacity.

The Irony Of It All

The American Republicans are all about cutting regulations when they get a little power to do anything. They love the idea of cutting regulations regarding employee safety, and environmental safety — they just love to cut regulations on everything they can think of because they believe that cutting regulations means less government interference in their daily lives. So how long has it been since they started cutting regulations affecting the Railroads and railroad operations?

The irony is that the Republicans cut the regulations and then things like the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio happen because something did not receive the proper oversight — because the Republicans cut the regulations on railroad operations — and then when something like this happens what do the Republicans who were so fired up about cutting government regulations do? They blame the Democrats for the disasters.

20 February

Getting my head on straight is getting harder and harder the older I get. And let there be no mistake about it, I am getting older than fuck! If I live until July 8th, I will be 85 years old. I used to think living to that age would be a piece of cake but these days I am noticing evidence of little things happening inside of me that might make that a damned hard piece of cake.

I am talking of the nuanced little breakdowns inside of my body that I am sure every human goes through as time passes. Hardly noticed at first, but then a little more nuanced, a little more intense as the days go by — things like my cataracts, for example. Things like it is getting harder to climb a flight of stairs — and I have to hang onto the handrail of the staircase when I descend because I get a little unbalanced by looking at the height I have to descend from. But it is impossible to descend stairs with one’s eyes closed. That would be courting disaster.

In addition to all that I have said so far, there is the matter of trying to sort out the truth from all the information and pseudo-information that is flooding into my brain in this new age of technology. There is news and there is “Fake” news and there is paranoia in almost every corner about which news resource is valid, which news source is unbiased, which news source is rooted and grounded in conspiracy theory. It sometimes gives me a headache just trying to wade through this morass on a daily basis.

My lead principle about sorting out the news and the information I receive is firmly believing that any word proceeding from the mouth of an American radical conservative source is a lie from the beginning to the end; but I have to temper that attitude sometimes and say to myself, “I am not sure there a politician alive today who has the ability to refrain from spinning the truth if it serves a purpose in his or her mind. I am having great difficulties dealing with “Trust” these days because I have become more or less convinced that “Trust” is becoming a very rare commodity.

My faith in the future has become tempered by the realization that, at my advanced age, the “Future” is not as “Promised” as it once was (promised in my own mind of course, because the future is really promised to no one). But at the same time, I am also cynically convinced, at some level, that if there is a future, it will be little more than an enhanced or diminished replay of all that has gone before … and in my way of looking at things that is not much of a future for anybody to look forward to.

Bernie’s Day and Others

Bernie Stinhkmiller got his stagus caught in the act of trying to pry Mildred Mergamier’s loose tooth out of the birthday cake she had been baking for Barney popinmier today and in the excitement of the moment, the local emergency response crew all lost their false teeth when their firetruck smacked straight into Mortie Montorooses ass while negotiating a hairpin turn at Falum street.

It was both funny and tragic to watch and it was made worse when the squirrel decided to run up the leg of Millie Popensocker’s slacks in the middle of the shopping mall. From all the pandemonium that took place, you would have thought there was a mass shooter on the loose. Millie suffered no great trauma although there was about half a pound of loose vaginal hair blowing around the mall and she did receive a few rather deep squirrel bites in those sensitive areas.

It was exciting if nothing else.

Chinese At The Border


I read a blog post on another blog posing the question, “Why are there 30 or more Chinese People crossing our borders each day?” Of course I have no idea that this was happening but I can offer a possible reasonable explanation: I think they are crossing the border in such small numbers because the high-flying balloons are not an effective method of travel.

Maybe they are thinking that the U.S. Border Patrol will not consider such a small number passing over on a daily basis to be a problem and I think they are thinking that if they can get 30 or 35 people into the country across the borders without getting caught, they can get enough of their people into the USA that in a few years, the number will have built up to the point where they can start getting themselves elected to school boards, city and state government offices and finally Washington, D.C. offices and accomplish a bloodless coup and take over the country.