Angry Trump Escalates Rhetoric


Have we heard something like this from the former guy before?

Trump is considered by many to be no stranger to using violent rhetoric, or perhaps I should say “potentially violent rhetoric.” Of course his zombies will never believe that anything he ever said could be construed as any kind of incitement to violence. Some people believe some of the things he has said were “veiled” calls for violence. That doesn’t make the allegations true, but it doesn’t exonerate them either in my opinion.

Well, I guess he must be at it again in connection with a possible indictment against him:


There you have it. You can make up your own mind about how this will turn out.

Personally I don’t give a shit.

Learn The Art Of The Mini-Blog

It might be to some bloggers’ advantage to learn to mini-blog.

This would be especially helpful in the event that the blogger is not that good of a writer or if the blogger has been blogging for some time and his or her readership is exceptionally low. Modern readers do have short attention spans and most of them “Skip-Read” anyhow so there really is no need anymore for a lot of supportive detail in a blog post.

It is simple enough to learn. Just stick to the facts, and answer the following questions about each topic when you write a post: (1) What, (2) When, (3) Where, (4) Who, (5) How, (6) Why.

Anyone who writes a blog can learn this art and it can be practiced at any time the writer chooses and it can cover a lot of relevant information in a considerably smaller time than a more wordy post — And the blogger can cover more topics in a shorter time than with a lot of words — words that most people won’t even ready anyway.

I am going to try it.

“John Wick 4” Has A Lot Of People Hooked And Steamed Up.


How About You?

John Wick 4 Is So Very Interesting To 500-thousand People On the Internet

It’s no secret that Keanu Reeves’ beloved assassin is one of the best action heroes to ever hit the big screen. And it’s no surprise that fans of the franchise have already placed a high expectation on this fourth installment, which is launching March 24th.

But that’s only fair, because Chapter 4 is more stylish and bonkers than the previous films, as Dan Laustsen and director Chad Stahelski work a number of jaw-droppingly gorgeous fight scenes that are as ingenious and intricate as anything you’ve seen in an action movie before.

A Retired Assassin Goes Global in “John Wick 4”

When the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) offers Wick a place to stay at the Continental Hotel in Paris, the assassin takes advantage of the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre, among other sites. Along the way, he encounters a number of new villains including the Marquis de Gramont (Bill Skarsgard) who attempts to reboot the High Table’s pecking order.

The High Table’s economic system, based on favors and power-brokers, works as a twisted form of oligarchy. The only way to maintain its integrity is for assassins to obey their rich, distant lords and not interfere with the rules of the game.

Despite this, the High Table’s economy of favors and power-brokers isn’t necessarily sustainable, because it involves a lot of bloodshed. And when Wick’s henchmen kill the man who’s been harboring him, Wick finds himself at the center of a ferocious hunt by the High Table.

I think I will save a shitload of money and wait for this one to hit my streaming service. Besides which I am not interested in sitting in a darkened theater during a movie, with popcorn in one hand and a soda drink in the other, anticipating some nut case shooting me in the back of the head with an automatic weapon of some kind — I have better things to use the price of admission to a potentially deadly place for.

My Worst Co-Worker Ever

So this is a personal blog and I am supposed to be writing personal experiences when I am not giving conservatives hell for being assholes, right? So I will digress now from the usual boring political nonsense and try to get personal — although I am totally adverse to opening the zipper of my life to a multitude of strangers and letting them view the contents of my intellectual and experiential crotch area. And that last statement is either an oxymoron or a moronic diatribe.. or some such shit as that. LOL.

Believe it or not (I can hardly believe it myself) there was a time when I actually worked for somebody else and had people (Supervisors) working over me (and working me over), telling me what to do and how to do it– hours at a time — every day — for a long time before I became independent.

There was this one person that my boss (The owner of the small company where I worked for a couple of years) hired to come in and “Assist” me in collecting past due accounts. I was the credit manager at the time and because the owner of the company loved to ignore my advice and sell high-dollar accounts to very risky customers, he had gotten a few accounts in the 6-figure range that some of the shyster customers had not made a payment on in a long time — so naturally, the boss blamed me and eventually hired “Fred” to come in to help me.

Fred had been the owner of a large furniture company and his furniture company had burned to the ground and he had collected a hefty insurance settlement from the disaster and was “Between Jobs” at the time my boss, (Dick) hired him.

I liked Fred at first — he was very proud of the fact that he was Jewish and I was very interested in learning all I could learn from him because I thought of him as a very wise and experienced business person — I actually admired him…. at first … but that did not last very long as you will see if you keep reading.

In no time at all, Fred started calling the past due customers to demand payment of their debts. On the phone to these customers, he was very efficient in verbally abusing them, intimidating them into sending a “Check at once please”. Of course, one-by-one the customers started cutting ties with our company and the word soon got out about Fred’s collection techniques and some of our old, faithful, valuable customers began to drift away also.

But what Fred was doing to the customer base and the reputation he was building for our company was not my immediate concern. My immediate concern was the fact that when he heard me on the telephone using a cordial tone to the past due customers, he would go off into an angry tirade — in front of the entire office filled with fellow workers, and loudly proclaim how stupid I was and how I didn’t know what I was doing and other such demeaning comments.

The boss knew how Fred was treating me but he chose not to intervene. After all, Fred had signed a contract with my boss that provided him with a yearly salary of $100,000 dollars. In fact, the boss even made Mr. Fred vice-president of the company — for a while.

The pressure to quit built on me because of Fred’s abusive nature and I really felt like kicking him in the balls in front of the entire office staff — but I thought better of it and never did it. (I was not interested in going to jail at that time).

One evening when I was working overtime and Fred was in his luxurious office — the office that belonged to me before he came on the scene –I gently lifted the receiver of my telephone (Our phone system was built so that anyone in the office could listen in on other workers’ conversations– that is how the boss snooped and kept track of what we were doing) — I lifted the receiver and listened as old Fred bragged to a friend of his how “This guy (My boss) is probably going to make me a full partner soon.”)

It dawned on me at that moment that old Fred might be scheming to find a way to wrest control of the business away from “Dick” and become Mr. Big Shot himself.

A light went off in my head and I put the microphone of my little battery-powered tape recorder to the phone and recorded Mr. Fred’s entire braggadocio conversation with his friend — and when I got the opportunity, I shared it with “Dick.”

A couple of days after that, old Fred was charging down the stairs from the offices to street level at an unusual hour and I asked him where he was going…. He had his ever-present secretary with him and I thought that was unusual at that time of day. It wasn’t even lunch time yet. Old Fred had this really fierce look on his face.

Old Fred shot back at me with, “This is HIS business and he can run it any damned way he chooses to run it.”

With that, old Fred and his secretary faded into oblivion — well almost — he did reappear in time to go to court where he had filed suit against “Dick” for the $100-thousand dollars in a “Breach-Of-Contract action. Fred won the lawsuit.

Shortly thereafter, “The Boss” approached me and apologized and said “John, you did just as good a job as Fred ever did, I want you to take the credit department over again.”

I agreed … and got a substantial raise as part of the bargain.

I remained with that little company until the day it burned mysteriously to the ground and the job was no more.

I am assuming — but I do not know — that the insurance company must have taken good care of “Dick” on that deal.

Another Beguiling Blog Post

From The More-Than-Adequate Intellect of John


There are a lot of arguments in the media and among people on the internet about whether or not Russia and China already have the economic and military strength to defeat The United States in a war. The answer is no, they do not currently have that capability but they are working their asses off to get there — and I think this recent butt-buddy scene between Putin and Xi shows this quite clearly.

Despite this, both of these nations have the potential to become strong and powerful states in the future if they continue their current growth trajectory. And like I said, they are working feverishly to get there and I think they are making outstanding progress. They also have the ability to manipulate international politics and influence events around the world to their benefit which they are also doing like gangbusters.

The United States needs to be doing something more than we have been doing right now, however, to prevent China and Russia from ever outstripping us in the long term. It is time for the United States to seriously evaluate our past actions, let go of the arrogance and prejudice that have caused so much trouble in the world, and stop acting like a bully and hegemon in the name of national interest. We need to ignore the peaceniks and build our military up exponentially or we are going to wake up licking the dust off the boots of both China and Russia.

America’s Security Priorities – A New Strategy for the Asia Pacific

In the last few decades, Americans have largely viewed the U.S. as the world’s most powerful military power and have become increasingly concerned about the threat posed by Chinese power. Today, two-thirds of Americans describe China as a major threat to the United States, which it definitely is and which it is becoming more so with each passing hour — as America sits on her laurels and watches and waits.

As the United States pursues its strategic goal of “dual containment” of both China and Russia, it is putting pressure on both countries. The pressure will only intensify over time and sooner or later, we are going to find out that it doesn’t work anyway.

If the United States continues to ignore this reality, it may well lead to a conflict with both Russia and China in the years ahead. This could put a large strain on our military and economy and could lead to a war that would cost billions of dollars, not just in the United States but across the world and which could (and most likely would) cause all humanity to start all over again at square one inside the everlasting nuclear winter that would result.

A new report from the Pentagon has just come out predicting that The United States will not be able to win one war, let alone two. The report says that both the Chinese and Russian militaries will be growing more aggressive in the future, increasing our risks of two-front warfare.

Keeping the United States and Europe Safe – The Right Policy

If the President of the United States is serious about keeping our country safe, then we need to focus on keeping our continent safe from the invasions and aggressions of Russia and China. That is why it is so important that we help Ukraine, and provide the necessary weapons and resources to them so they can win this war. That is why it is so important that we start a massive build up of our own military strength.

It is crucial that the President of the United States makes it clear to the public that he will stand up to both of these great powers, and that he will not give in to their threats or be cowed into taking a lesser course of action than they want. That is the only way to ensure that our nation and our economy do not fall apart if we have to fight a war with these two nations in the future. We are already divided enough as it is …we have to wake up and smell the roses.

Another Appealing Blog Post

From the magnificently-endowed intellect of eccentric journalist John R. Liming

Various highly-intelligent and thought-provoking expert opinions on news from everywhere.

So now that the Fed has raised interest rates again, what am I going to do with my money? I don’t care what anyone else does with their money but I am going to buy some United States Treasury Bonds and some Certificates of Deposit from my local bank — and I am going to maintain my diversified portfolio with my friendly young broker who has me invested in a few overseas stocks along with everything else. (No, I am not giving financial advice so don’t copycat anything that I talk about here until you speak with your own professional money manager… if you have one.

I heard that somebody in the Michigan GOP (Glop) is getting hell raised with them for making tweets attempting to relate gun reform to the holocaust. They are getting a “Backlash.” Good! I hope they continue to get all the backlash that sane people are giving them.

Congressional Republicans have proposed the first of what promises to be a series of bills to limit access to food assistance for needy families. The first piece of legislation, introduced last week by US Rep. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota, proposes work requirements and funding cuts to the already beleaguered Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), measures that will hurt those dependent on the largest food assistance program in the country.

For those bleeding hearts who will come on here and mourn the fate of those “Poor” families who are already holding three full time jobs in order to hold their families together I will say “Tough Titty, Kitty” because there is no excuse for anyone, regardless of their economic situation to work at menial jobs when they have families because there are thousands of jobs going unfilled — great paying jobs — (The work that Americans refuse to do and that immigrant peoples love to do …for as much as $25 per hour) — I am sick of an American filled with outstretched hands wanting me to support this cause and that cause and the other cause …We have become a nation of beggars. Some of us had the common sense to prepare for life when we were younger and to take the steps to insure we would never be in a soup kitchen. America is a land of unlimited opportunity and if there are people too damned dumb to take advantage of those opportunities, well I am sorry, I have no sympathy for them. Nobody helped me when I was down and out. Oh they offered to “pray” for me, but not a single soul — not even the great national charities — had a damned thing to offer me.

The grand jury working on the Trump case cancelled their meeting today and are scheduled to reconvene tomorrow — it was all very mysterious. It is not all that mysterious to me however. I have said all along that no matter what people say or do or who says it or does it, nothing is ever going to happen to Trump — other (perhaps) than some slap on the wrist scolding and maybe a fine or two –and I believe that Trump will find ways to make this whole kerfuffle into a best-selling book and or a movie or TV series and will make another fortune off those efforts …and I believe he will work his “I am the victim here” thing to a fantastically powerful argument for that second term as President that he has been wanting through this whole mess.

I guess this is enough titillating thinking to burden folks with for one evening … so I will sign off now and come back tomorrow and do some more … if I make it through the night that is … but that is something we all have to deal with now isn’t it?


Your friend and mine,


Another Alluring Blog Post


I have predicted for years now that the real threat to world peace will someday be caused by a great military and economic alliance between Russia and China, and now, since Putin and Xi have announced their intentions of joining forces to build a “New World Order” I believe my insights will finally be proven to be valid.

With the recent meeting between President Putin and Xi, the world is witnessing the beginning of a new era of mutually supportive strategic relations between China and Russia. The two nations share an array of common interests and a view of the world that differs significantly from that of the United States and Europe.

In my way of thinking, this “array of common interests and the different view of the world that is vastly different than that of the United States and Europe should serve as a warning to the Western nations that “The New World” order of the Russo/Chinese pact will have no place for the ways of the West — which means that sooner or later, this new monolithic economic/military alliance will go about the business of conquering and subjugating the West or of destroying it entirely.

I know there are a lot of naysayers who are clicking their tongues and giving me a sideways glance as I write this, but they are always out there and they are the ones who, as events unfold, walk about wringing their hands and mourning the day they refused to listen to warnings like the ones I am attempting to give right now.

Both Russia and China firmly believe that the West-led international order and its underpinning rules and values represent an existential threat to their societies. And both have vowed to stand up against Western domination in their respective regions.

To me this means that sooner or later a mutually destructive war between the Russo/China alliance is inevitable. Both these huge nations are aggressive in nature, both are power mad, both are capable of destroying the world, both of them hate the West — so either dominating the West or reducing it to a burned out cinder can be their only option for developing their rationale.

The emergence of this enduring and growing friendship between Russia and China is evidence that both sides are in a deep struggle to derail a US-led global order that threatens their core national interests. I believe that if they cannot do this peacefully, they will eventually decide to go all “Hitler” on the world and do it militarily.

In the short-term, both countries are focusing on expanding trade and commerce, including joint ventures in infrastructure projects like railway construction and oil pipelines. In the medium-term, both nations are greatly enhancing their defense cooperation, stepping up military exercises used for training and signaling, and increasing joint air patrols along key routes to Asia and building up their munitions supplies to frightening proportions.

At the same time, both countries are redoubling their efforts to build a network of transport routes connecting Europe and Asia via their borders. Those routes will allow for more streamlined and faster connections between the two continents, opening up opportunities for trade across the region. My idea is that with the threat posed by this alliance from hell, Europe and the United States should immediately cease all trade with China —

Xi and Putin also recognize that the world is changing more quickly than in past decades. As a result, both leaders have stressed the need to work together to make sure that the world’s economic systems are adapted to meet the changing needs of the modern world. In my view this means making sure that the world’s economic systems are brought under Chinese and Russian control to meet the needs of the world as both of them envision changing it.

This will require more coordinated action than ever before, both on the diplomatic front and in the security sphere, experts say. This could mean more joint military exercises, but it might also involve more Chinese aid to Russia, including weapons and intelligence information.

But this is a risky path, as it will likely only exacerbate current U.S.-Russian tensions, which are already strained as Washington and Moscow battle over Ukraine and other issues. Moreover, it is unclear how Russia would respond to such an influx of military assistance from China, which has so far been less direct and limited in scope than its support for Ukraine.

I think I can assure you that Russia would be more than happy to have the biggest possible influx of military assistance from China at this period in time and that they will definitely be getting it.

But whether or not such a partnership is successful depends largely on the strength of their respective national economies. If the Kremlin’s economy is weakened or destroyed by Western sanctions, then it is unlikely that Moscow will continue to support China’s broader strategic interests – including its attempts to disrupt American dominance.

I think it is time for the west to do what they can to weaken the economies of both of these threatening countries before it is too late to stop the monolith from rolling over all the rest of is and trampling us all into the ground.

Read More:

Experts say that China and Russia’s inclination to build their alignment against the US – and a world order more suited to their own more autocratic agendas – was driving the meeting, not interest in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

I have reported and rendered my opinion — Make up your own mind.

Another Absorbing Blog Post

America seems to be anxious about whether or not former president Trump is about to be indicted for some kind of crime — It is all over the news — I haven’t told you anything yet that you did not already know have I? I am wondering — as I write this — how many Americans are letting the stress over all that is happening in Washington and in the world get to them — give them actual heart palpitations — disturb their sleep at night?

I also wonder why Americans allow themselves to get all worked up over things they instinctively know that they cannot control? — The mess is definitely something that is out of control — totally out of control — everybody knows it — everybody hates it — but nobody seems to know what to do about it. — It all makes for interesting conversation among some who fancy themselves statesmen or political analysts — when, in fact, most people who talk at length about these things are nothing more or less than “Arm Chair Politicians” who have nothing but opinions — and opinion cure nothing!

An armchair strategist is a person who creates plans and military strategy without being directly involved in the area. The term is often used in a derogatory manner. “Armchair general” is often used interchangeably with armchair strategist. Terms like “armchair soldier” or “armchair admiral” are less common but not unheard of.

So who are these people who think they know everything about history, politics, finances and military strategy? I have to admit that I, myself, fit into the category, but the stuff that I write is nothing more than my personal opinions, based on observation and personal experiences and my opinions cannot change a damned thing …but my ego drives me to share them …. So what are the credentials (Other than ego) of the others beside myself who indulge in these kinds of surmisings and publish them for all the world to see?

I think I am going to have to admit that the reason I share opinions on things that I know very little about is that I need acceptance, approval and love. Is anybody else brave enough to make a similar admission?

The Question Is, “Should I Dine Alone Or With Other People?”

I am not a very sociable person — in fact, I am kind of a recluse — so the advice that might seem apparent in this post is kind of hypocritical in a way because I am going to be talking about norms and normal people which really does not include me.

There are times when I have eaten meals with other people, of course — with the family, at family gatherings, with certain friends, with business partners and associates — these have been what I like to call “Obligatory” dining experiences but I have to admit, they were not my first choice because a lot of the time when I was dining with people I was exposed to everyone’s stress factors (during conversations over the meal) and I can always do without as much stress as I can jettison.

But here are some of the advantages that social experts tell us — advantages that the larger society must apparently feel are the norm — and beneficial.

Aside from the obvious benefits of socialising, there is also a lot to gain from eating with other people.

The advantages of eating with other people include the following:

Eating with other people at home or in restaurants or at work is a great way to connect and bond with other members of your family, friends, and colleagues. This can help you to avoid isolation and loneliness, which can be linked to depression, heart disease, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s dementia, weight gain, and loss of sleep.

Needless to interject here, a person may not be especially fond of connecting and bonding with other people — unless they are on the hunt for more of a relationship than a kiss on the cheek or a handshake — or the proverbial “Roll In The Hay.” Believe it or not, there are some people who enjoy isolation and who are never lonely because they have learned how to entertain themselves without the presence of other people. I am one of the latter. I feel fortunate that I do not have to depend on social interactivity for emotional stability.

It also helps to relieve stress and boost your mood, which can improve your health in a variety of ways. Having a meal with others can lead to an increase in your heart rate variability (HRV), which activates your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), and increases the release of endogenous opioids, which promote relaxation and calmness.

I have to admit that there are also times when eating in the presence of other people is the source of stresses and some of the conversations that one must encounter in such situations can lead to depression too. If you get bombarded with other people’s problems — and I guarantee you that you are rarely ever going to enjoy a meal with other people where somebody doesn’t eventually bring up their personal distresses and describe them in gory detail.

So social dining can be either a stress reliever or a stress producer and I imagine that is one of the reasons there is so much alcohol consumed on so many such occasions. Nothing like a good Martini to help shield a person from the drone of mundane boring conversations or nerve-wracking horror stories about personal experiences or relationships with other people.

You can also try new dishes and ingredients that you wouldn’t normally eat. This can also give you a new sense of satisfaction and a greater appreciation for the taste of different food, which may result in a healthier diet overall. Or someone might serve you “Balut” and send you gagging to the bathroom.

I love a good upscale dining venue with dark polished ceiling beams, red flocked wall paper, plush rugs, flowers in the center of the table, lit sconces on the walls, soft music playing in the background … preferable from the efforts of an accomplished pianist —uniformed waiters bringing Chateaubriand for Two to the table and lighting it on fire before serving it …the kind of place where you can find DOM on the wine list.