Freedom From Medicine

Some American politicians are supporting the idea that freedom for American citizens from being forced into lockdowns and required to take vaccinations under pandemic conditions should be legislated. — In other words, it is alright for citizens to ignore science and what the medical community has to say and to have the freedom to choose to subject themselves and their loved ones to suffering and even death when pandemic disasters strike.

I heartily agree that such people should have the freedom to die and to throw their loved ones into harm’s way if that is what they want … but under no circumstances should their practice of such freedoms endanger any of the rest of society. Let them have their freedom to throw their lives away when pandemics come but let’s also have laws to punish those who place the rest of us in harm’s way. They should have their right to suffer and to die if they want it but they should not have the freedom to take other people with them through careless actions such as refusing to wear masks when and where required — and other such public safety measures.

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