OS For March 2, 2023

My first computer was bought at a store called “Radio Shack” back in 1964 or 65 — it cost me Fifteen Hundred Dollars — It was big and bulky and heavy — I had to learn a special computer language called “MS DOS” and the whole system ran on something called “Floppy Disks.” — I struggled with this monstrosity for a few months as I tried to master the required coded language to make it do something. — In the end, I failed to make it do anything and so I renamed it “The Fifteen Hundred Dollar Door Stop” and gave it to my teen-aged son who almost immediately began creating computer art with it.

What was MS DOS Language All About?

MS DOS was a computer language developed by Microsoft in the 1980s. It was one of the first operating systems for personal computers and was widely used throughout the world.

MS DOS allowed users to interact with their computers through a command line interface, which allowed them to type commands that could be understood by the computer.

This allowed users to perform basic tasks such as launching programs and copying files, as well as more complex ones such as writing programs in languages like BASIC and C++. By using MS DOS, users were able to make their computers do whatever they wanted them to do.

I was too damned dumb to learn the language and make my doorstop computer do a damned thing. The advent of the Windows computer program was what saved my ass as a computer jock.

What were “Floppy Disks” all about?

You remember that I mentioned floppy disks in an earlier paragraph so here is what they were all about:

Floppy disks were a type of storage device used in computers to store data. They were made up of a thin, flexible magnetic disk encased in a square plastic shell. They could store up to 1.44 megabytes of data and were used to transfer files between different computers or back-up important documents.

Many older computers and systems still rely on floppy disks because they are easy to use and can be read by most systems.

Floppy disks revolutionized the way people stored and shared data, allowing users to quickly transfer files from one computer to another without having to use cables or other complicated methods.

I am really glad that I have a computer that is easy as pie to use, fast as lightning, expensive as hell —it is custom built — and has become almost a part of me.

3 thoughts on “OS For March 2, 2023

  1. I comepletely failed to understand how personal computers worked when they first went on sale. So I ignored them until 2002, when I bought my first laptop. (Which also cost me £1500 then, and a similar (much better) one can be bought today for less than £400)
    Best wishes, Pete.


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