Why Do People Write Political Blogs?


Political blogs are an important way for people to express their opinions and views on current events. Of course, the writers of political blogs have to find people willing to even discuss politics which is a rarity these days because most people already have their minds made up about their political views and nothing or nobody is going to change them.

Despite the fact that many people have already made up their minds about politics, writing political blogs is still a popular activity. It is a popular activity because (a) people want to impress others with their presumed knowledge about politics and the world in general or (b) people want to appear to know things they believe other people do not already know —- (c) some people actually think that the words they write on their political blogs is going to change something in the world — a fantasy, a pipe-dream, an impossibility.

But let them have their dream as long as they are not hurting anybody is what I say.

Some folks write about politics because it allows individuals to engage in meaningful conversations with others who have different perspectives and to learn more about the issues that matter to them.

I have discovered that the only people I can engage in “Meaningful” conversations — on the blog or off of it —are those who share my biases. Those who do not share my biases are encapsulated in an impenetrable cocoon of locked-in-thinking from which there is no escape and with which there is no shade of compromise… ever.

As I have already said, writing political blogs can be a great way for people to express themselves creatively and share their thoughts with the world.— A world, incidentally, who does not give a shit what some insignificant nobody with a political viewpoint has to say about anything.


Political blogging is becoming increasingly popular as a way to express opinions that many other people do not give a shit about hearing and thoughts on current events and politics. H

However, it can be argued that political blogging is a useless enterprise, as it often fails to bring about any meaningful change or influence policy decisions.

Political bloggers often find themselves in an echo chamber, where their views are not challenged or discussed in any meaningful way.

Furthermore, they rarely get the attention of those in power and their blogs are usually ignored by decision makers.

Today’s so-called “Decision Makers” seem to me to be a bunch who, once they get a taste of the High Life and Politics offers then in positions of power, they forget all about where they came from …. who elected them … and instead of becoming “Representatives” of the People’s Will, they get the idea that the “People” voted them into power to think for them.

And it all goes to their elected heads and they start thinking and acting like they were elected to be “Big Wigs” — and they embrace the “Big Wig” lifestyle and the taxpayer foots the bill for their idiocy and their excesses.

As such, political blogging can be seen as a largely futile endeavor that brings little benefit to society at large.

“Amen” to that!

Political bloggers are typically seen as being on the margins of society and as having little to no influence in it.

The blogosphere attracts highly polarized opinions, but it is difficult to know whether this polarization is healthy or not. Both sides of the political spectrum have proponents, who use their blogs to advance their own agendas and a large number of detractors, who fear the blogosphere for its potential negative effect on society.

Political blogging can be seen as an unregulated space that brings about a wide range of opinions on any given topic from people with varying backgrounds and perspectives and most often that wide range of opinions is nothing but confusion or ridiculous propositions put forth by writers who have never had a single minute in the position of politician —armchair politicians maybe … but professionals? Rarely?

So you thinking about becoming a political blogger? Get it into your head right now that if you do become a political blogger chances are extremely great that you will be spinning your wheels most of the time or that you will be preaching to the choir or that you will be doing little more than soothing and feeding your own individual ego.

4 thoughts on “Why Do People Write Political Blogs?

  1. I have a separate blog for politics, (and rants) as you know. I try to avoid ‘issues’ on my main blog, though they sometimes ‘leak’ onto it. You and chuq are the only ‘political bloggers’ I follow though.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I have a rule with my blog which I will never break. I do not blog about religion or politics. Period. Never. Trying to have a rational discussion with almost anyone online about either is an exercise in frustration that often ends is trolling, threats, insults and frustration. In person? Yes. But online people hide behind their anonymity to give vent to some of the most vile crap imaginable. Isn’t worth it.

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