Speaker McCarthy’s “Parents Rights” Legislation

From The Desk Of John Liming,
Author Of Liming’s Lynkz

I read a headline in an article on Faux News today that said that the Speaker of The American House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, is crafting a new piece of legislation dubbed “Parents’ Bill Of Right Act.”

First of all, check out this quote about this legislation:

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said the government must stay out of children’s education, which he called the “great equalizer,” at a press conference to reintroduce the “Parents Bill of Rights Act.”


Did you notice what the Speaker said about the new legislation called “The Parents’ Bill of Rights Act?” He said, “Government must stay out of children’s education/” He said that in the same breath with which he introduced the “Parents’ Bill of Rights Act.”

In other words, in perfect double speak, the Speaker said that the government should stay out of childrens’ education and then he introduced a bill that virtually insures almost total government control over and censorship of childrens’ education in The United States.

I like watching the Republicans making public fools out of themselves. They are the ones who are always screaming that they want limited government, smaller government, less government and then they do everything in their power to make the government bigger and more powerful than it ever has been before. This is what I call “Total Republican hypocrisy!”

I am almost certain that anyone with half a brain can see through what the Republicans are trying to do to cement the vicelike grip over every facet of American Life that they can — the problem is that the few million right-wing zombies that worship at the altar of far-right Conservatism support their every move as if it meant life or death — and it does mean life or death in a manner of speaking — It means they want all the advantages of life for themselves and to hell with everybody else and it means the death of our democratic system of government if they are allowed to get away with their mindless shenanigans.

What better way to control an entire generation than to capture and subvert the minds of helpless children — through control of the educational system — and to teach them only what the radicals want them to learn …? What better way?

Now there is this “Parents Rights” bill that I personally believe is more of a vehicle to enlist the efforts of concerned parents in pushing the right-wing agenda for America than it is to protect the kids from anything.

If this kind of bill is designed to protect children from anything, I will tell you what I think it is designed to protect the kids from — I believe it is designed to protect children from the decent aspects, the formative aspects, the value contained in a traditional formalized public education curriculum that has been in place ever since this country was founded — the very education system that helped bring forth all the good things that all Americans enjoy every day of their lives — industrialization, modernization, progress, status in the world communities, the very education system that has produced and refined every single one of the movers and shakers of our society that has made it what it is today — the inventors, the academics, all the highly intelligent people who have positivized our society for so many millions of people for so many decades through ever kind of toil, trouble and turmoil … helping us to come through every challenge standing taller and being better than we ever were.

That is what the contemporary right-wing is so jealous of and that is what they want to destroy and replace with their authoritarian autocracy that will place the entire nation into servitude to them rather than freedom as we have known it.

I agree with some of the elements proposed in Mr. McCarthy’s new bill because of them make common sense. But I must repeat that this bill is also another revelation about the Lie that says Republicans want less government interference in our daily lives because a bill like this one absolutely guarantees government control and censorship of what the children learn — and that is a technique employed by dictators, not representatives in a democratic government.

Here is a summation that sounds exactly the way I feel about this “Parents’ Rights Plan” of Speaker McCarthy’s:

 “It’s not about parental rights; it’s about controlling teachers. “McCarthy would rather seek to stoke racial and social division and distract us from what will really help our students thrive: an inspiring, inclusive, and age-appropriate curriculum that prepares each and every one of them for their future,” the National Education Association said in a statement Wednesday. “


I do not believe anyone can express this issue any better than Vanity Fair can — The Vanity Fair has told it like it is as far as I am concerned.

7 thoughts on “Speaker McCarthy’s “Parents Rights” Legislation

  1. It does seem like a way to push a Christian Conservative agenda on schools and those who teach in them. If parents are that concerned, they should home-school their kids in the stuff they believe in instead, turning out carbon copies of themselves. Are they ignorant of the fact that children have to sometimes learn uncomfortable things so that they can develop thought processes and eventually make up their own minds? Or do they really want their children to just make the same mistakes they did?
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I try to get news where I can find it — but of course the credibility of my sources depends on the bias of the readers .. the democrats will approve or my resources, the Republicans not so much — It is all because of the great political divisions in our nation … but I do the best I can …I always read information from both sides of the aisle and make my decisions about their credibility by my perceptions about how what they are telling me shows in real effects on my daily experiences. That might not be the best credibility barometer, but is the best I have until something better comes along. I appreciate it when you comment so thank you. You are always welcome here.

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      1. Well, thanks, John. I appreciate that. I do have a source that I pay about $30 a year for called Ground.news which shows a wide variety of sources and where the biases are on a lot of stories. I don’t know if they have a free version or not or if that’s anything that would interest you. But I don’t think the government needs to tell me how to raise my kids. I ought to have the right to see the curriculum their school is using and voice my concerns at school board meeting and not be labeled a domestic terrorist. The teacher’s unions have far too much power and influence in most places. I’m the parent and I am responsible for the kid until they are 18 and move out on their own so I should be in charge of not only their education but their medical care. The government can perform all manner of procedures on your kids without your knowledge and consent, how is that acceptable except in very extreme cases? I don’t think it is.


        1. You are absolutely correct when you say you have the right to examine the school curriculum to see what the school is teaching your children and to voice your concerns at school board meetings and not be labeled as a domestic terrorist.

          I think you should also teach your kids to spend a few minutes or an hour or so or whatever is workable for you and your kids to get together each day and discuss what they were asked to learn so that you can spot the red flags in your mutual conversations about the school day.

          And if you are being called names at a school board meeting, then you need to have the right to have a private audience with the school board to express your concerns without the input of agitators who may be planted in the crowd — and if you cannot obtain such a private audience you need to actively advocate, however you can, with whatever resources you have, to your community to try to get laws passed that would grant you those benefits of dignity.

          And if you cannot get anywhere with the local school board, you have the right to take it up with your State Board and if that doesn’t get resolutions for you, you have the right to discuss your concerns with your elected state representatives.

          You can also solicit local publications and broadcast channels to air your concerns on behalf of yourself and all your fellow parents.

          You might want to think about organizing your own School Watch committee or organization to keep running records of the indignities that you suffer at the hands of your education gurus so that when it comes time to sue for the rights you are being denied, you will have ample evidence to present to the courts.

          I need to understand what procedures the government can perform on children without the parent’s consent and I would like to know if any such procedures have, in fact, been done by the government on your own children or on the children of people you may know. The only procedures that I can think of are inoculations against traditional childhood diseases which kids have been getting for as long as I can remember and I am 84 years old now, going on 85– and I can thank God for vaccines against such things as Poliomyletis — a horrible killing disease of the 1950s — and of diphtheria — and of influenza — and a few others — all such vaccines played a large part in making those diseases go dormant for the most part and thus saving countless lives — I cannot speak to the covid vaccines even though I took them all and have survived against all Conservative expectations —but I think that is one that should have been elective and not mandatory —

          I have some difficulty talking with Conservatives sometimes because there are Conservatives who seem to me to be extremely reasonable in their presentations and arguments and there are some who come on strong with what seems to me to be ridiculously extreme views — and I can never be sure which side of Conservatism that I am talking with at any given time …but I do listen to Conservatives because I have actually discovered that they do have some great ideas sometimes… things worth at least considering…and that is what used to happen in our government … something called arriving at a solution to problems that would offer some benefit to people of all political persuasions without demanding that one party or the other have no say in the matters at all —

          But yes, parents — both Conservative and Liberal need to have a bigger say in what their kids are learning in our schools and I do believe the schools should be held accountable for more transparency than they practice at the present time … which is very little indeed …I think they should be forced to publish a detailed public financial report each year showing where every dollar of taxpayer money has gone and I believe that parents with kids in school should be allowed to make appointments to inspect the financial records of the more-than-wasteful schools alone or in groups —in private — in the presence of a school administrator —

          But all such changes are going to have to come as a result of the legislative process.

          There is so much detail to this school issue that it is going to take parents organizing and working together to fix the broken system.

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          1. Thanks for taking your time to write all of that, it is all good stuff. I couldn’t find a “contact me” page on your blog and don’t want to discuss a couple of things that happened when one of my kids was a teenager and when one was a child. My email is herbthiel@gmail.com


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