Where Do Republicans Get Their Ideas From?


I do not believe that Republicans are capable of originating thoughts; I believe they only are capable of regurgitation delusional stuff that they glean from picking what substitutes for a brain in their particular species. No, I do not consider Conservatives as part of the human race. I believe they have devolved into a race of their own, a sort of post-neanderthal kind of creature, capable of expressing anger by beating on the earth with sticks and marking their territories by mentally pissing on them. But that is material for another blog altogether.

Read the following when you get the time …. I would suggest reading the following after you have finished reading my post — anyway, here is a quote from the article I want you to read — I hope this quote is tantalizing enough:

if “truth” is judged on the basis of Enlightenment ideas of reason and more or less objective “evidence,” many of the substantive positions common on the right seem to border on delusional. 


Now Let Us Continue:

It is my opinion that since right-wingers cannot think for themselves, they must resort to stealing their information and their ideas from democrats and then re-writing them or twisting them to fit their own delusional alternate universe. If you read right-wing stuff or listen to enough of it, you soon understand why they do not fit the mold of what the rest of America considers to be normal.

The Right Wing is a people unto themselves and a political entity totally divorced form the reality posed by democracy — and they are fading faster into their own self-induced darkness faster and faster as time marches on.

You want my opinion about it — and that is why you are reading this blog, you apparently want my opinion, If you want my opinion about it, Republicans’ substitute for thinking and for ideas never contains anything that can ever be of any substantial positive value to help to make America a better place for everybody to live in…It is all fantasy, delusion, wet-dream imaginings, conspiratorial garbage, things that they wish for but things that will never happen in the real world….basically the baying of wolves on a dark night or a pack of mongrel dogs who love to assemble and bark their asses off before audiences so entranced with their shit that they eat it all up as if it were some kind of gospel itself.

I believe that is how The Trumpster persuaded them to elect him as their president and I believe that is the reason the Trumpers still cling to his coattails and clamor to hear more of every word that falls from his lips. And I believe that if ever Trump becomes less of an icon to them and they start looking for a substitute, all they will come up with in the end is an enhanced version of Trump — because that is the outer limit of their ability to pretend to exercise the power of reason.

In this world in which we live, there is darkness and there is light, there is up and there is down, there is in and there is out …everything we live with each day that we live is filled with opposites. As one remarkably-astute blogger has said:

“The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left, the choice is between normal or crazy.”


Every time I hear a Republican speak these days, I hear a long-winded dissertation about their “Plans” to make America Great Again, — thousands of words about “Their Plans” — but I never hear any details about any of those “Plans”. This leads me to believe that those plans of theirs must be secret plans. And if they are so secret that they cannot share them with the rest of us, there must be something dark and foreboding about them — something they don’t want us to know — things that they hope to craftily slide into our government in closed-door meetings and crafty little moves that bar the rest of America from seeing what they are up to —

It’s either that or they have not perverted and plagiarized enough democrat plans yet to be able to present them as their own.

3 thoughts on “Where Do Republicans Get Their Ideas From?

  1. I think they get most of their ideas from the uneducated ramblings of the leading politicians in that party. That saves them thinking for themselves, so they just become a ‘Cult of the Leader’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I have trouble reconciling myself to the theory that they are somehow brain damaged and therefore, suffer from a condition that precludes reasonably ordered thought processes — kind of like they melted some of their higher functioning synapses somehow …or kind of like they use an inferior part of their cerebrum … a more basal, retrograde, devolved part—or like they all may be on the autistic spectrum.


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