Why Are Conservative Extremists Such Clean Freaks And Do They Really Have A Poison Venom They Can Sting Their Victims With?


There is one thing that can never be said about Conservatives who lean toward extremism. They are not unclean. They are obsessed with neatness, cleanliness and with putting things in order. In fact, their penchant for “Order” borders on the fringes of militarism and naturally predisposes them to favor authoritarianism far above and beyond any sense of a democratic approach and this is especially demonstrated by their political ideals.

Liberals are more likely to enjoy things that require thinking. Conservatives, being somewhat hampered in their ability to actually do deep or analytical thinking of any significant degree, need to have things all conveniently lined up and organized — a place for everything and everything in its place — so that they can feel safe and comfortable.

I believe this need to obsess over being safe and comfortable and to have everything organized to the extreme is one of the reasons that Conservatives would probably like to live under a government that dictates every facet of daily living and who has a strong man authoritarian at the head of their government.

In other words, I think that Conservatives, especially the more extreme conservatives need regimentation in order to feel safe and comfortable. They are always complaining about their rights being infringed by the Leftists probably totally aware that if they got their wet dream of living under a regimented, orderly, oppressive authoritarian, they would have no rights at all. If they lived in that condition, their government would take care of them alright… take care of their every need at the cost of their personal freedoms that they say they value so much and that they say a Liberal government is trying to take away from them.

I think it is demonstrable that most right-wingers actually live in a lower cultural order (Paradigm) than the rest of the country does and this leads to discrepancies in their education or in their willingness and ability to learn things through a thinking process… and would rather take their knowledge by listening to the higher-ups in their pecking order. I think they would be happier applauding a third-world dictator at their annual CPAC meetings than they would in welcoming a leader who operates under the principles of a true Constitutional Republic.

Positive Liberalism vs Negative Conservatism

Check the following quotation out:

“…Positive personality traits associated with liberalism (self-reliant, resilient, dominating and energetic) and negative ones attributed to conservatism (easily victimized or offended, indecisive, fearful and rigid) appear as young as nursery school–age kids—and correlate with those children’s political beliefs in adulthood…”


I am not going to make the claim on this blog post that right-wingers actually have a physical poisonous venom they can inject their victims with, but I will go so far as to say that I believe the most extreme of their ilk have a poisonous mental venom that they are trying to use to subvert our democracy and make it into something more on the order of a dictatorship.

4 thoughts on “Why Are Conservative Extremists Such Clean Freaks And Do They Really Have A Poison Venom They Can Sting Their Victims With?

    1. There is a simple explanation — evil is ingrained in what passes for DNA with that particular species. So it does not start in nursery school at all — it starts in the fertilization process. It is called “Defective Genetics” — the whole bunch of them are most likely on the autism scale. Their laser focus on their politics and their ignorance about everything else demonstrates autistic tendencies.

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      1. They are “Monotropic” and Monotropism is a sign of autism on a higher scale …”
        Monotropism is a cognitive strategy posited to be the central underlying feature of autism. A monotropic mind is one that focuses its attention on a small number of interests at any time, tending to miss things outside of this attention tunnel. This is also sometimes referred to as “Locked In Mindset”.

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