Never Take Candy From A Conservative


The extremists among the American Conservatives are always warning the world about the evils of Liberalism and the virtues of all things Conservative. I consider this to be a reversal of fact.

I believe the majority of extremist conservatives to be manipulative, dark, evil and threatening.

Take the example of the recent scandal of a newly elected right-wing congressman who allegedly ran a campaign filled with outright lies and who got elected on that platform of lies. That, in my opinion, is one of the finest examples of how the more extreme right uses manipulation to get what they want. Is this a unique case? I doubt it. Oh if only the truth were known. But I have never encountered a radical right-winger who I thought could be accused of telling truths — twisting truths, yes, but telling them …not in my experience.

I find right-wing extremism to be evil for the very fact that it couches a dark, anti-democratic agenda in terms of Patriotism and righteousness. I think it is subtle, insidious, and nefarious and has only the destruction of democracy and the institution of an oppressive authoritarian regime as its end game.

I suspect that the entire extremist movement of the conservative camp engages daily in the poisoning of mind … minds of children and adults alike …seeking to control the education system, for example, to replace traditional standardized public education with their own form of propaganda — even to the point of censoring, and in some cases, burning books — and wanting to dictate to educators the very day to day curriculum of our standard education system.

The right-wing is always warning people to stay away from the “Woke” Liberals and to avoid drinking the “Liberal Koolaide” when in fact, I prefer warning people everywhere not to allow themselves or their children to take the poisoned candy of the right wing extremists.

2 thoughts on “Never Take Candy From A Conservative

  1. The rise of the Far Right all around the world is worrying. Everyone needs to reconnect with history, and remember what happened in Europe in the 1930s.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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