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You Ready To Live The Utopian Conservative Dream?

Conservative politics emphasizes the importance of adherence to tradition. This means that those who advocate for the most extreme kind of conservatism would like to roll the clock back to a different time and place — perhaps to the days of the early colonists.

One such early American tradition that might appeal to the crazies on the right side of American politics today might be the tradition of having all marriages arranged according to social status and wealth. In the old days, it was not at all unusual to see brides walking down the aisle completely pregnant. This would be an ideal tradition to re-engage if righties get control of the American government. It goes right in lockstep with right-wing abhorrence of abortion among other things … and of maintaining the status of the very rich.

Another tradition of old was that of “Public Whipping” (Scourging) of evil-doers — tie them up to a stake and whipping their bare backs and buttocks with a predetermined number of lashes as punishment for such crimes as getting caught taking a bath with clothing removed. (Or) of smarting off to the local clergyman — or of being disrespectful to authority — or of offending parents or of almost anything that tickles the imagination. Even today it seems to me that Conservatives love to punish people inasmuch as one of their greatest wet dreams is to get punishments for criminals of all kinds strengthened on the Law books. “Lock Them Up And Throw Away The Key.”

Remember what they wanted to do to Hillary?

I am sure that if conservatives were in total control today, there would be even more stringent laws against pornography and other immoral and indecent activities than there are today. For example, I can see a return to a government-enforced dress code requiring severe punishments for any women who dared to expose their ankles to public scrutiny ….or for any men who dared to appear in public shirtless or with pants riding no lower at the waist than just below the pectoral muscles.

I think that right-wingers would dearly love to see the death penalty re-established for people found guilty of acts of homosexuality — which is exactly what took place in the early American colonies ….I think the LGBTQ community would have a horrible existence if America reverted to the moral codes extant and rampant during the days of the earliest American colonies.

It is not beyond credibility for me to believe that if the right-wing becomes totally and permanently dominant in our politics, the much-revered “Family Unit” would once more soar to two parents and as many as 7 to 10 children per family or even more.

In the days that I am talking about, people would see what the right-wing really mean when they say they give great importance to self-sufficiency. In such a day when the government would have been reduced to a size that would fit into a bathtub ( as some conservatives like to say) the local citizens would be out with picks and shovels building their own roads and highways themselves, would be putting out their own fires with brigades of neighbors wielding buckets of water from wells that they would have dug for themselves (There would be no tax-supported waterworks).

In those days none of the more or less liberal government advantages would be available to the common citizen including such things as:

There would be no programs for seniors — families would care for their elderly all through their old age and death. No social security, no medicare, no Medicaid. Even today the right wing is working hard to get rid of such social safety net programs.

There would be no government-supported health or safety programs –no unions, no environmental protection agency, no Office of Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) — No programs to help the homeless or the displaced — (Self-sufficiency, remember?) (You are on your own buddy — go down to the dump and see what you can scrounge for dinner because no self-respecting citizen has any obligation to help you and the government certainly is not going to anything at all.”

This is just a taste of the utopian existence we would all enjoy under a total totalitarian Conservative government in The United States — and the worst part of all this is that right now, even as I write, there are more than 70 million of our fellow citizens who would welcome such a world and would do all they can do to make sure it happens.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Politics

  1. The Right-Wing Republicans have an agenda chillingly similar to ‘Gilead’, in the book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. If you want to know how America will turn out under their administration, you only have to read the book, or watch the TV series based on it.
    (I recommend the TV series, it is superb.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


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