Here Is My New Conspiracy Theory About The War In Ukraine


Here is my new personal conspiracy theory about the war in Ukraine and it is my construct entirely — I do not believe it myself but I thought it might make for interesting reading:

The war between Russia and Ukraine is mostly staged and was cooked up by Conservatives as a diversion from their ongoing plans to subvert The Democratic United States government and replace it with their own version of an authoritarian autocracy. With the new technology that allows artificial intelligence to create action films and photographs of scenes of destruction and carnage and to make images of world leaders say things that they are not really saying, all the aforementioned ideas are no longer stuff of science fiction but are real and actively engaged in the efforts to give legitimacy to the conflict in Ukraine.

Since the big money grabbers who control most of the world of Conservative commerce (The Industrial/Military thing that we always hear about) are so closely tied with right-wing goals and ambitions, there is little reason to doubt the role of the Industrial/Military Complex having a major role in creating this illusion of a war for the sake of profits that can be made from such conflict.

More reason to increase military production without ever having to worry about actually using any of the things produced — things that can actually be sold to other countries interested in having their own real wars.

That is the essence of my new conspiracy theory and don’t you dare believe a word of it because I produced in for entertainment purposes only.

4 thoughts on “Here Is My New Conspiracy Theory About The War In Ukraine

  1. Conservs are not the only ones that are controlled by the M-IC….Dems are just as guilty….I wrote a post about the beginning of this thing and it started in 1998 with Clinton. chuq


  2. Interesting that you bring that up because there is actually a real conspiracy theory floating around in the extreme right wing that claims those evil baby eating demonic satan worshipping liberals are faking the entire war in Ukraine for “reasons”.


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