How Bacteria And Conservatism Are Related

I have always contended that Conservatism is more of a disease than it is of a political ideology but when I think more deeply about it, I sometimes get the idea that Conservatism is, in fact, a diseased political ideology. I say this because after years of studying the pathology of Conservatism, I have found many correlations between the reality of this mental malignancy and bacterial action.

So, for the sake of this study, I shall be using the term, “Conservative Bacteria” (Right-Wing Bacterium) and other such associations for understanding by the reader.

Like life-sucking bacteria, you can find Conservative craziness living almost everywhere — in the United States, In Great Britain — virtually anywhere and everywhere there is human government on the face of the earth.

Many bacteria are, in fact, harmless because humans have a built-in immune system that protects them against invasive and infectious agents. But since the advent of Trumpism and right-wing extremism in America, the world is now faced with a new manifestation of bacterial invasion — an invasion that could prove deadly to the democratic idea — and to freedom itself if some kind of cure isn’t found … and soon. This new Conservative Bacteria is somewhat like the recent rise of Covid-19 and its various variants in that it is not only dangerous and subtle, but it is resistant to common sense and reason, it is invasive, corrosive and spread by propaganda from person to person and can be fatal to socio-economic systems.

The Conservative Bacterium is in a state of constant mutation as it changes course many times in various ways to spread its insidious toxic nature from victim to victim. It seems to change its value system and to flow with the wind in no specific direction and sometimes seemingly without purpose as it attaches to the cellular structure of the social system it invades. This makes the Conservative virus a very difficult enemy to democratic principles.

Defenses Against Conservative Bacteria

It is not a hopeless situation, although it might seem to be so at times.

There are defenses against this invasive political pandemic.

The first line of defense is knowledge of how the bacteria operate — knowing what drives them to do and say the things they do and say. This requires the potential victims to rise above apathy and willful ignorance and to actively study the nature and character of the threatening malodorous vehicle used by the potential invader.

Another line of defense is to develop the skill of reading between the lines of anything the virus presents as fact.

One of the most effective lines of defense is to exercise the right to vote. This is one malady whose progress can be slowed or halted at the ballot box provided the potential victims have not yet allowed the malignancy to manipulate the means and methods of voting.

My prognosis is that this problem will eventually burn itself out because this is one virus where the elements that make it up are in constant conflict with one another and, with a little time and a lot of luck, I believe the virus will actually eat itself up from within.

4 thoughts on “How Bacteria And Conservatism Are Related

  1. I actually think the time has come when America should divide into two countries, or face disaster. It would be along the lines of how Pakistan was created from India, and involve mass movement of the population in some states.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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