Change In My Typographics

Typographics is an important aspect of blog design that can have a huge impact on the readability of text. It is especially important for those with visual impairments, as the font size and typeface can make a big difference in how easily they can read the text.

When it comes to font size, 19px is generally considered to be a good size for visually impaired readers. This size allows them to easily distinguish between letters and words, while still being large enough to be legible. However, it’s important to note that this may vary depending on the typeface used and other factors such as screen resolution.

Therefore I am now using 19px as the size standard on “Liming’s Lynkz.”

I hope this is good for all of you and if it isn’t then tell me and I will do something else.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Change In My Typographics

  1. You’ve made so many changes; many times the clarity is quite good, but (that mercurial nature?) never satisfied, you try to improve it. Issues I’ve had with font are WP related; having more than one page, what works well on PWE, often is far less than satisfactory on another.


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