Oatmeal And An Eye Patch

Since my cataract surgery I cannot climb into my Thousand Dollar bed because it is too high off the ground and I am not supposed to do anything that will strain and put pressure on my eye so I have been sleeping on a bed that pulls out of an ordinary couch because it is lower.

The “Day Bed” is also old and lumpy so most of my night is spent rolling around trying to find a comfortable place. I can feel the springs of the bed poking me through the very thin mattress. I estimate that I am awake at least four times throughout the night now. But, by some Grace from God, morning does arrive and I am ready, at 6:00 AM to get up and go make coffee.

I have to wear this clear acrylic eye covering while I sleep so that I do not poke my injured eye while half asleep when it starts itching. The “patch” is not uncomfortable but the tape that holds it in place is super sticky and when I pull it off, it feels like part of my face and sideburns is going to get pulled off along with it. The good news is that such a thing has not happened yet. I can tell it hasn’t happened because when I look into a mirror, I can tell that I am still intact. That is a good thing.

Since the surgery has been only a couple of days ago now, my sight in the affected eye is still a little blurred and there are some wavy effects to some things that I look at, but when I use both eyes, things are much improved, even though the other eye needs and will get surgery too about 6 weeks from now.

All the foregoing information aside, I managed to have breakfast this morning including oatmeal with walnuts and raisins and a couple of pieces of toast with some coffee. Lunch today was a roast turkey breast sandwich with miracle whip, onion, tomato and lettuce on a toasted bun and a coke.

Since I am not allowed to bend at the waist any lower than the level of my heart (Because it puts unwanted pressure on the surgery site and can cause complications) I bought a device with which to reach for things … a kind of extended caliper if you will— and I have learned to pick up my trousers and socks and my stuffed animals and other things that I drop sometimes — a very useful device indeed.

The device is called a “Reacher/Grabber Tool and you can get it on Amazon or Ebay or other such places… and I am not being compensated for mentioning either the device or the sources of the devices. (I have to tell you that legally.)

That is what has been happening today — I will do some more about this as time goes on. I am glad that I had this surgery performed for me because I was getting dangerously close to losing my sight and it was tough to navigate with all three ailments going at the same time … the cataracts, the glaucoma and the macular degeneration.

But I believe things will be looking up (Pun intended) from here on out.

10 thoughts on “Oatmeal And An Eye Patch

      1. Excellent suggestion, Partner. I will get a step stool. Thank you. I was told by my post operative doctor not to make any major decisions for 24 hours …but that time has elapsed so I will get the step stool. Thanks again.

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  1. My Mum had one of those ‘reacher/grabber’ tools when she was in her early 80s. When she died at the age of 87, I hung onto it, knowing I would need it someday. You are doing very well, old friend. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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