So, What Else Is New?

I am reading a headline this morning that says, “Russia Kills Civilians In Wave Of Missile Strikes.”

My first reaction to this news is, “And so what else is new? That is what Russia does. That is who Russia is. That is what Russia has always been and that is what Russia will always be.”

In my dreams — the dreams that I enjoy dreaming the most — I see a wave of missile strikes coming down on the Kremlin.”

But of course, that is never going to happen, right?

What I really wish (and I know I am pissing in the wind) What I really wish would happen is that The United States and Russia could be friends and trade partners because I would love to go to Moscow and eat some of that bitchin’ Russian food.

I wish we could be friends with everybody in the whole world.

One thought on “So, What Else Is New?

  1. Britain and America killed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in many other conflicts. (Vietnam, for example) Civilians are targeted in wars, even by the supposed ‘good guys’. Since 2014, Ukrainian troops have killed civilians in the Donbass region. Israel has killed (Palestinian) civilians in that country. There are rarely any ‘good guys’ in wars.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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