If You Ever Had Any Doubts About Conservative Morals —

Republicans sometimes like to infer that Liberals are child molesters — among other evil and nasty vocalized presuppositions and prejudices.

But if you want to see straight into the real soul of the confirmed, fanatical elements of the American Right-Wing Crazy faction (And there are plenty of them out there bemoaning the fact that Trump is no longer their president), then you really need to read into the following link for an eye-opening experience:

But first, a revealing quote, if you please:

Republicans in the West Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee voted 9-8 to kill a law that would’ve ended child marriage in the state.


Now, let us have a discussion about the superiority of Right-Wing moral values!

7 thoughts on “If You Ever Had Any Doubts About Conservative Morals —

  1. There are no grey areas as regards right and wrong. People who do these evils are amoral counterfeits; (called tares in the Bible) regardless of political affiliation, whether Protestant or Catholic, God will send them to perdition for their crimes.


  2. I really don’t know what to say about this. That they think it should be legal, even normal for kids to get married… Apparently a child of any age can be married if some judge writes off on it? The entire population of the state should rise up as one and demand the impeachment of over single one of them.

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    1. One of my points of argument against Right Wing morals is that they are always accusing other people of doing the same evil things they themselves enjoy doing. One of my earliest sexual encounters happened when I was 14-years old. It came about while I was sitting in the home of a right wing Baptist preacher who was explaining the Gospels and the church to me while fondling my left leg all the way to my public areas rather nonchalantly — I was so petrified and confused that I did not know how to respond … Later I learned that he was simply sharing the greater love of Jesus with me …The right wing is known for saying one thing and doing the exact opposite —

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      1. Lauren Boebert, the congress creature from Colorado just announced that her 17 year old son just got some poor girl pregnant, and she’s bragging about it. Bragging about how happy she is to be a 36 year old grandmother to a baby fathered by her 17 year old kid???


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