Right Wingers Crap Their Pants At The Thought Of People Hearing Truth


I have never seen a time in our nation when one of our political parties has been so afraid of letting The American People know the actual facts about things that concern them and their well-being as the so-called “Republican” party is right now, at this very instant.

In fact, they are so terrified of letting “We The People” know the truth about the things that concern us that they have invented something they call “Alternative Facts” to get their twisted messages across to as many gullible and naive members of the general population as possible.

I hate to tell you this, you poor, ignorant, right-wing propaganda masters, but “Alternative Facts” is just another way of saying “Lies” or “Opposite of The Real Truth.” But you have been successful so far, in brainwashing at least 70 million Americans with your bullshit and you have damaged their credibility receptors to the extent that they may never be repaired. You have, in one fell swoop of evil genius, created an entire massive population of Republi-Zombies who are “True Believers” in your swill to the extent that I believe they would sacrifice themselves and their loved ones to bow to your will. I think the former guy who disgraced the White House for 4 years provided us all with adequate evidence that what I am saying is true.

I will go so far as to say that I believe the right wing in America is engaged in an ongoing campaign to subvert every iota of knowledge that the general population has known as truth for decades and is twisting it all into some form of Orwellianism bastardization and weaving their perversions into an alternative reality in which they all reside comfortably and into which they hope to drag every other living soul in the United States into before they are done decimating democracy.

Why are the Conservative, Radical, Right Wing Republicans so fired up and desperate about turning America into their alternate universe? I think it is because that in their inherent ignorance and backwardness, they are in an ongoing state of panic and fear that their government is going to do awful frightful things to them and have become so paranoid they have to have something that appears to justify their fears while, at the same time, enticing knowledgeable victims into their fearful realm in order to expand their insanity and ultimately conquer the nation with itself and declare themselves the legitimate authoritarian rulers of our government.

I saw something on television today that gave me the quivers of anxiety — I saw some politician get before the cameras and brag that he has a program in the mix of his legislative proposals that will allow his state to introduce classes into all their schools that will teach everything known about the “Evils” of Communism and Marxism” to all the school children in his state.

Since I have heard a lot of right-wing low lives talking about how democrats are really communists and Marxists in disguise, the thought occurred to me, as I was listening to this guy, “Yeah, you (Expletive Deleted), you are planning to teach the hatred of Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats into your school curriculums!”

As I was listening to what this man had to say, I began to wonder, “If he can get that kind of program legitimized in his schools — to teach hatred of Liberals, Progressives and Democrats — How much longer after that will he be until he tries to introduce other courses into his school system that subtly teaches hatred of ethnic minorities?

These mindless wonders are devious and crafty in the things they try to do to change reality for all the rest of us — it is a little frightening — because it brings to my mind images of dictators, oppressors, authoritarians, pictures of re-education camps, and other such devices …

The right wing in America is always talking about how they want a smaller, less intrusive government while, at the same time, doing everything in their power to become the biggest and most intrusive government ever experienced.

The right-wingers always talk about how they are the protectors of freedom in The United States and how they support free choices for all Americans as part of that freedom, yet they work their asses off every day to deprive as many people as possible of their free choices and to attempt to substitute choices that they (The right wingers) have devised for all Americans and to try to force those choices on all of us through the legislative process.

The idea of introducing right-wing ideas into school systems as legitimate lessons for teaching to children is, in my opinion, an overt exercise in trying to gain mind control over the kids in those education systems and attempting to change everything they believe and attempting to have those children reject everything they have ever learned ….and to learn the lessons of the “New Order” being constructed by American Radical Conservatism.

Why these fools are even rewriting history and already making decisions about what they believe is best for all of us. Not allowing people to make their own decisions about what is best for them but “Making” decisions about what is best for everybody — from the right-wing ideological viewpoint.

The right-wing idiots always brag about how they are in the business of protecting Americans from what they call “The Tyranny Of Government” while they, themselves, are in the very business of trying to establish themselves as the “Tyrannical Government” they claim to be afraid of.

I will never understand how they can think of our Government as being tyrannical. Nobody has detained me on the streets asking me for my “papers” and no one that I can tell has shadowed my every step as I go down a street and nobody has burst through my door and demanded to search the house for illegal anti-government literature. So far I have been able to go where I want to go without being harassed by government agents … So where is this “Tyrannical” government the right-wing crazies are so worried about?

I will tell you where I think it is — I think it is in their own minds and they are hell-bent on creating it for the rest of us.

I hate to tell you this, but I have believed for a long time now that if the truth were to bite a crazy, right-wing radical conservative in the ass, he or she wouldn’t have the least bit of knowledge that it ever happened — because as I have often said, “I don’t believe that very many of them could find their asses in a mirror.”

3 thoughts on “Right Wingers Crap Their Pants At The Thought Of People Hearing Truth

  1. I don’t understand how they can claim the government is tyrannical or evil or whatever they’re claiming these days because because WE LITERALLY ARE THE GOVERNMENT! You can’t oppress yourself, for heaven’s sake.

    This is a democratic republic. We elect the government every two or four or six years, depending on whether it’s a representative or a president or senator. And we have the power to vote them out of office, recall them or impeach them if we get mad enough about what they’re doing.

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    1. Dear Grouchyfarmer — you wrote, “And we have the power to vote them out of office, recall them or impeach them if we get mad enough about what they’re doing.” and I am telling you that this is exactly what they are working so hard to eliminate, our power to vote them out of office … watch the antics of Ron DiSantis and see another example of what I am talking about here … He is already positioning himself as a dictator and brags about governing “The FREE state of Florida — FREE from what? FREE from freedom is what!

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