Where Would I Go On A Shopping Spree?

I was once tempted to go on a massive shopping spree — but that has been a long time ago — My financial adviser advised me against giving into the temptation until my finances had been stabilized — I listened to my financial adviser and before any shopping sprees were looked upon by myself as sanity, there were investments to consider and a private banking situation to handle the load.

Many people, once they have a sudden fortunate financial influx, go off the deep end and run off buying everything their fancy fancies — This kind of person is usually stone-cold broke within a few months or years. My Brother-in-Law was one of those … he won an 8-million dollar lottery and started bailing his wayward kid out of jail …buying automobiles for family and friends … buying a new farm, new furniture, new clothes, new everything, going downtown to gamble at poker and pool games with his cronies, making loans to almost everyone who put the touch on him — In four years he didn’t have a pot to piss in and was asking me for a job.

So from the beginning, I was not into “Shopping Sprees” — On the other hand, I found it much more to my advantage to “Rent or Lease” high-dollar items than to own them outright.

It also helps to have a personal shopper who can find great stuff at reasonable prices and who can do all the bargaining and bickering for the client … and there is also the personal assistant who ordinarily knows far more about such things than I ever would.

I have purchased things for myself on occasion — on rare occasions — personal jewelry — personal clothing — dinners at restaurants — those kinds of things — my favorite colognes and soaps …. those kinds of things.

I do not drive an automobile so I am driven whenever I need to go somewhere.

I detest the thought of flying now that I am no longer concerned with the affairs of the Business World so I simply do not do it anymore.

I think the last thing I bought for myself was a step stool so that I could get into my bed without straining the eye that I had just had surgery on ….that cost me Twelve Dollars and I got it from an online super-store.

As an aside let me try to define “Spree.”

I think I can define a “Shopping Spree” as “A short period of time when a person buys a lot of things …”

I could see where, in some personality types, this kind of activity might be considered an abnormality … or an obsession … or just plain foolhardy.

I am not really into shopping sprees even though there is no earthly reason I could not perform one if the desire was strong enough.

You might want to file most of this post under “Satire” but it is up to you, the reader to sort out what is and what is not — because I am a very private individual.

3 thoughts on “Where Would I Go On A Shopping Spree?

  1. My spree would be to buy a large chunk of land in the mountains and put a 8 ft fence around it with a sign the says “go the f*ck away”….after that I need nothing. chuq


  2. I am older now, so my ‘lottery win’ shopping spree would be restricted to buying a decent new car, and possibly moving house to live next to the sea. I would also pay someone to do all the chores and cleaning, and possibly employ a cook to make my meals. Other than that, I have no need for anything.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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