Are There Psychopathic Aspects To Radical American Conservatism?

By John
Author, “Liming’s Lynkz”

Let us begin this with a definition of “Psychopathic.” —

Psychopathy is defined by some authoritative resources as a personality disorder characterized by a lack of empathy, shallow emotions, and an inability to form meaningful relationships. It is often associated with criminal behavior and can be seen in some political leaders.

I am not going to mention names because if the American People do not know what I am talking about here then that is just too bad. The news has been filled with all this for months and months now and some of those investigations, trying to get at the root of the mess left in Washington by the previous administration are ongoing, much to the obvious distress and dismay of the American Radical Conservative factions under whose watch I believe most of it occurred.

This article will explore the characteristics of psychopathic political personality and how it affects their decision-making. We will also discuss the implications of having a psychopathic leadership in power and how it can affect society as a whole.

When a psychopathic leader — or party — is in power, it can have serious implications for society. This type of leadership may be more likely to make decisions that are not in the best interests of the people they are supposed to serve, leading to increased levels of inequality and injustice.

You know what I mean ….this kind of leadership will do such things as try to make sure that some of the people who are supposed to have the right to vote in our elections, for example, will be excluded from exercising that right through various acts of gerrymandering and other such voter suppression techniques.

Sound familiar? Are you aware of which political party is more likely to engage in such activities?

Furthermore, their lack of empathy can lead to an environment where people feel unsafe or unheard, resulting in decreased trust in government institutions. It is important for citizens to be aware of the potential consequences that could arise from having a psychopathic leadership in power so that they can take steps to protect themselves and their communities. .

Imagine how safe the right-wing obsession with making sure that every living soul in America has a gun and knows how to use it …makes the rest of society feel? Some people are reported to be afraid of leaving their homes to do something as simple as going to the shopping mall because of the Right-Wing’s excessive love of guns.

What is the difference between a psychopath and someone who is just callous? A psychopath lacks empathy, while someone who is just callous might lack empathy as well but doesn’t experience the emotional instability that a psychopath would.

It is said that psychopathic leadership is always interested more in what benefits them than what benefits the people they are elected to serve … and in my opinion, this would explain that I believe is their obsession with changing everything in the government to the point that they end up with all the power and all the benefits of the government they wish to establish …becoming entirely hyper-authoritarian and causing the balance of society to be their de-facto servants.

I think the preceding paragraph touches very nicely on some of the things that are happening in The United States right now because of the right-wing elements of Hyper-Conservative Republicanism.

I believe that I can safely say that psychopathic tendencies have been linked to the radical conservative movement in America, as those who identify with this ideology often display traits associated with psychopathy.

This includes a disregard for the feelings of others, an inability to empathize with those who are different from them, and a tendency to act impulsively without considering the consequences.

A “My Way Or The Highway” kind of personality!

By understanding how psychopathy influences the radical conservative movement in America, we can better understand why certain individuals are drawn to it and how it affects our society as a whole.

I think that by careful observation of our government, as it is presently constituted, the reader can draw their own conclusions about who fits the mold I have just described ….Is it possible that some members of the faction in Washington often affectionately referred to as “The Putin Party” can be designated as candidates for the aforementioned niche?

I am not accusing anybody of anything here … I am merely asking questions.

I ask you, “Who is it, right now, that is working the hardest in Washington, D.C., to subjugate our government to the whims and demands of their leadership — who is it that wants to use their list of demands to shut the government down…. possibly leading to a catastrophic failure for American credit that would have world-wide negative repercussions?

Shut the government down by holding the economy hostage until they can get all their demands met ….what kind of intellect is that? Such a thing can do irreparable harm to the United States and to our citizens, but it seems to me like the radical conservatives with their list of demands don’t care who gets hurt — what kind of compassionate conservatism is that?, I ask you!

I will tell you this much … that kind of total irresponsibility is definitely not the work of the Democrats!

Does anybody want to hazard a guess as to what kind of defective intellect would conjure up such a nightmare at the expense of the innocent citizens of These United States?

Can anyone argue with me when I say that Radical conservatism poses a serious threat to the United States democracy as it seeks to undermine the values of freedom, equality, and justice that are essential for any healthy democracy and replace it all with its own oppressive perversion of the values upon which our great nation was built and upon which our great nation has prospered?

What other political group in the United States is more interested in seeking to undermine the American dream by promoting policies that favor the wealthy over the poor and that rob the poor to increase the coffers of the rich and the super-rich members of our social order?

Throw Grandma under the train? “Oh that old bag don’t need to be a burden on the taxpayers … cut her Social Security to the bone …. get her off Medicare … shut down Medicaid for good too while you are at it … that is how I believe the right wing is thinking t these days.

Oh yes, why do they want to cut social security and medicare? I think it is because they want to get their hands on those billions of dollars currently administered by those social safety net programs and stick them into their own pockets and into the pockets of their rich cronies. I don’t think those kinds of moves have as much to do with saving money for America as it does grabbing money for the upper classes.

In my book, all these things are very clear and transparent to the functioning mind, but for some strange reason, there are still a few million of us who fanatically support such self-destructive nonsense when it comes time to choose new leaders for Congress and the Presidency — and the Supreme Court and wherever else they can find a hole to wiggle their devolved intellectualism through.

Will the majority of Americans wake up before this crazy bunch damages the American dream beyond repair?

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Are There Psychopathic Aspects To Radical American Conservatism?

  1. John I think we could throw sociopaths in there as well….” break rules or laws
    behave aggressively or impulsively
    feel little guilt for harm they cause others
    use manipulation, deceit, and controlling behavior

    Will we ever learn?
    Not with these toads in charge. chuq

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