How Many “Putin Poodles” Might Run For President?

Probably more than you might think.

Here is a revealing quotation from another blogger that, in my humble opinion, throws a whole lot of blaring light onto a problem that might loom larger than life as the Presidential Campaigns for 2004 start steaming up —

“…Questions about Ukraine were posed to quite a few declared and possible Republican presidential candidates. Tucker Carlson posted the responses on Twitter. South Dakota governor Kristi Noem — a strong contender for the VP slot if Trump is the nominee — sounded quite similar to the two front-runners:…”

The right-wing is always talking about how the Leftists and the Liberals and the Democrats are moving into bed with communists while, at the same time, seem to me to be doing exactly the same thing.

Of course, I view this as nothing out of the ordinary because I have always believed that the American Radical Conservatives always say things about other people that they, themselves are guilty of.

The problem … one of the problems, as I see things, is that all this is happening in plain view, under the very noses of all Americans and nobody seems to me to be the least bit worried about the direction the Righties are taking.

3 thoughts on “How Many “Putin Poodles” Might Run For President?

  1. It is interesting how blatant politicians have become, both in the US and the UK. At one time, they were just ‘sneaky’. Now they tell us to our faces, and some people are still stupid enough to vote for them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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