Getting By Somehow Or The Other

I got through the first cataract surgery alright and now I have another one scheduled for the other eye on the 27th of March, 2023. The first one went without a hitch. My only complaint is that I had to spend an entire week being very careful about lifting things and getting water in my eye and a list of other do’s and don’t’s —But I can see better now ….so it was worth it.

Sunday I have to go to the local American Legion to attend what I believe will be a drunken party of some kind they are calling a “Celebration of Life” for one of my friend, Jimmy’s distant cousins who died recently. If it is anything like the last “Memorial” celebration for a dead person that I attended at that venue, then I am expecting to hear a lot of filthy talk about the deceased while all the rest of the crowd — who I expect to be alcoholics, “Raise A Glass” in memory of good old “John.” I hate the idea of mixing with that bunch but I am going to do it out of respect for the feelings of my friend, Jim.

I will guarantee you that I will not be getting on an airplane anytime soon …. not a commercial flight anyway —- safety is getting too lax — there have been too many near misses on runways this past month — I think the big tragic aircraft collision is only a heartbeat away as air traffic controllers become younger and less experienced and as the regulations that Trump rolled back stay rolled back …Trump’s regulation rollbacks has created problems for the railroads (Derailments galore), for the airlines (Near misses galore) — for the banks (Bank failures again as in 2008) — That is the effect of brainless political thinking that comes from mindless Republicans. That is what Republicans do — they deregulate things and people begin to die.

Oh well, what the hell?

6 thoughts on “Getting By Somehow Or The Other

    1. The last time I attended a party for a departed person at that location, some drunk tried to sniff my crotch …it could have turned out worse than I did because I reacted by simply walking away instead of bashing him over the head with a beer bottle. Of course I do not drink alcohol very often so I would have been hard pressed to find a handy bottle. (And I wasn’t in the mood to go to jail or get engaged in a riot.)

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  1. Good to hear the first one went well….and after the next you will be happy with your vision….sorry to hear about the passing….personally I prefer a ‘raise a glass’ to a funeral….when I left the Army I had a major surgery….they removed a plane from my ass…..LOL chuq

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