Blog Post Prompts For March

I do not ordinarily delve into these kinds of prompts but I am getting interested in possibly trying some of them. I am normally a somewhat vitriolic political commentator but if I ever decide to branch out, I might do a few of these kinds of blog posts — Maybe you will find them interesting or useful:

March is the first month of spring, but in many parts of the country it still feels like winter. This means that blogging is especially important to keep your mind nourished and focused.

These creative writing prompts may inspire you to write and can possibly give you the opportunity to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings. Not only will you be able to improve your creative writing skills, but you may also improve your own general mood and sense of well-being.


Think of the change that spring brings and write about your favorite part of it. For instance, if you love the flowers, think of how much they have grown this year and describe the best time of day to see them bloom.


Do you find it hard to focus on certain things? Identify those and try to solve them.


For those who have just had a baby, or have a young child at home, this is a great chance to reflect on your new role as a parent and to write about what you love about it.


Regardless of what your age might be, you may find that you tend to procrastinate. This is perfectly normal, and blogging can help you to get a grip on your schedule so that you can better manage your life.


If you are a social person you might be in the mood to spend more time with your friends. This can be a great opportunity to start a new page on your blog or to change your pace a little for the sake of diversion.

3 thoughts on “Blog Post Prompts For March

  1. I still don’t see those prompts, probably because I continue to use the old system, not Jetpack. But I have enough on my mind to start with, so doubt I will need any prompting. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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