The Right-Wing Conservative Putin Party and the Freedom Caucus in the United States

In the United States Congress, there is a right-wing “conservative” and to a lot of people’s understanding, a crazy faction who act a lot like Putinists who are sometimes called “The freedom caucus”. This group has been growing in numbers since it formed and who, in the opinion of many observers, has been doing its best to undermine everything America has traditionally stood for.

There are several very demeaning and insulting things that can possibly be said about the freedom caucus, their putin party characteristics, and their right-wing extremism in congress. The most appropriate way of handling appropriate insults about them is to tell it like it is …refuse to whitewash anything and plain out just tell the world who these people are and what they are up to as they do their best to undermine our democratic way of life and replace it with their own impressionistic, oppressive far-right version of a utopian government — which, in many ways, I think looks a lot like old-fashioned fascism.

There is a big difference between “Definitions” and “Name Calling.” The best way to define them is to name them– and in my opinion, that is a most appropriate way of exposing them.

Name Them:

The most appropriate thing to say about this malignant group is that it is a bunch of far right extremists who are threatening the United States with an economic collapse. Moreover, it is the group that is pushing to allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit, thus making our streets less safe rather than making them safer. They seem to love their guns more than life itself … and given the number of mass school shootings that have happened over the last few years, I would go so far as to say they must love their guns even more than they love their children and other members of their families.

Name Them:

The right wing extremists in congress are the ones who are trying to destroy the environment and hamstring the United States’ efforts to address climate change. They have tried to block disaster relief funding, they have attempted to deny that climate change is a real problem, and they have also tried to block any government effort to reduce carbon emissions or to adapt to the changing climate. But still they like to bill themselves as “The People’s party” and pretend that they actually care about the wellbeing of the people who elect them … which, as I believe, evidence has shown consistently and solidly that the only things they care about are their own individual asses, their cushy government jobs and how they can find things that they can use to enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.

Name Them:

The right-wing extremists in congress are the ones that are trying to kill Obamacare, restructure Medicaid and Social Security and Medicare, and enact a national abortion ban. See how much they love the ordinary, everyday, working-class — and the poorer classes … and in their attempts to take away or to limit or inhibit voting rights, you can see how much they are in love with ethnic minorities and the idea of a diverse population.

Name Them:

The right wing extremists in congress have also allegedly been promoting Russia’s rogue activities in Ukraine and trying to get the US to invade Russia’s western border with Georgia. They have even been urging Americans to support the invasion, and have been spreading Russian propaganda videos on video sharing platforms like Rumble.

People know all this stuff and still they support the people who advocate for these kinds of policies.

I will never understand it, myself. Do you?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Right-Wing Conservative Putin Party and the Freedom Caucus in the United States

  1. I never understand it. We had Boris Johnson, voted in with a huge majority despite his obvious bad character, lying, philandering, bribe-taking, and contempt for workers. Many of those who voted for him were those same workers he despises, and racists to boot. But many more must have been ‘ordinary decent people’ who thought he was the best option. They were either stupid, or insane.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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