Who Else Is Going To Protest Peacefully At The Civic Center Over Trump’s Imagined Pending Arrest?

The troops are beginning to rally now and all the Trump zombies are all over the Internet inviting their own to go out and rally (Peacefully Protest) the possibility that their God might be arrested this coming Tuesday.

One of the zombified apes has agreed to “Make The Signs” for the event. I thought that was a touching gesture.

“Cheryl” told the would-be sign maker, “I have a slogan for your signs “I’m with stupid” or maybe “I support criminals”

One of the worms asked if anyone had an extra (FJB) flag they could put on their truck for the occasion. “FJB” stands for “F**k Joe Biden of course and I am guessing that the truck in mention is going to be a red pickup with a gun rack in the cab. That is what some uneducated hicks ejaculate over —

“Tammy” is aghast at the idea that there are still people in America who would agree to go into the streets and protest the arrest of a criminal.” I guess Tammy has not been keeping up with the news or something. Of course, nobody in America is a criminal unless adjudicated and Trump has never been found guilty of anything yet, so maybe Tammy is a little premature.

Yeah, right!

“Bob” said, “even Fox News doesn’t believe the shit you’ve eaten up… wake up… Trump is full of shit!”

I am assuming that “Bob” does not care too awfully much for Mr. Trump.

“Paul” says to the potential protesters, “Why are there so many “uneducated whites” in (Name of a state)? Trump loves your ignorant asses!”

I ask, “Are we working our way up to another January 6th-style event? Is Trump actually subtly trying to incite something here or is everybody just jumping the gun and making assumptions?

I report, you make up your own minds.

Tell me what you think. Leave me a comment.

3 thoughts on “Who Else Is Going To Protest Peacefully At The Civic Center Over Trump’s Imagined Pending Arrest?

  1. Trump will do whatever he thinks will help him get back into power, up to and including calling for armed revolt, although couched in terminology that will give him “plausible deniability”. And the usual nut jobs in congress will back him up. McCarthy is already calling for investigations into the New York DA and her office and anyone else who dares to contradict ‘der fuhrer’ down there in Florida.

    Trump right now is terrified. He no longer has the presidency to hide behind and now investigations are turning up some very embarrassing and potentially criminal information about him and his cronies. On top of that he’s terrified that he is losing control of the GOP. People have been avoiding his rallies in droves. The CPAC conference attendance this year was a joke. People who once backed him are now openly criticizing him. And even worse attention is now turning to DeSantis as the new leader of the party.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen but it’s going to be ugly.

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    1. I agree — it has every possibility of turning really nasty –Disantis is Trump on steroids — I am waiting for one of them to stage a torchlight parade (Nuremberg-style) —

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