About Me

My name is John and I am writing the blog you are looking at right now. I want to welcome you very warmly and thank you for taking your time to stop by. It is my hope that you will come to like what I have to say and that you will visit and leave comments often. You are always welcome here regardless of what you believe about things. If you and I agree on things that is fine and if we disagree on things that is fine too. You are just as welcome here if you disagree with me as you are otherwise.

I will never cut anyone who comments on this blog off unless they say something illegal or unless they start to treat me unkindly … calling me nasty, horrible names and so on and so forth.

As to comments on this blog, I encourage readers to leave their thoughts on the things that I write, but everyone needs to understand that as blog author, I have every right to reject any and all comments if I should decide to do so without any explanation whatsoever. But you will find that if the comments are sensible and fair and do not attack anyone personally and do not cross any of the other lines of accepted conduct on the Internet, they have a good chance of being published here.


I am an American Citizen and was born and raised in the good old United States of America.

Having been dragged through the wringer of life, I am now PROUDLY A CRUSTY, ILL-TEMPERED OLD MAN. And I do mean OLD — possessing every increment of the ancient WISDOM OF THE WISE… WISDOM OF THE AGES AND WISDOM FOR THE AGES. (My Right Wing pains in the ass will not agree.) But it is true, nonetheless as you will discover if you give attention to what I have to stay and if you run it through the filters of common sense and reason.

I am a rather overweight Caucasian male with a very volatile temperament. One minute I can be as sweet as Mom’s apple pie and the next minute I can be a vitriolic, sometimes even venomous complainer and critic and have often been referred to as a “Shock Jock.”

Even though some of my blog posts are rife with profanity, I am a Christian man — believe it or not. But my language can often be offensive to those with tender sensibilities but the fact is that I like to tell things like I see them without any whitewash, watering down or bullshit attached. If that is appealing to you … if you appreciate that kind of absolute honesty, then you will most likely be very comfortable reading things here on this blog.

My political leanings are more Centrist and a little left of center than anything else, but I have also been known to embrace some Conservative views as well at times. Sometimes I like to try and have it both ways. For example, with the recent SCOTUS decision about Rowe vs Wade, I agree that abortions should be outlawed except for cases when the Mother’s Life is in danger but I am also worried that this ruling might also be the catalyst that leads to the SCOTUS taking a lot of other rights away from American Citizens … and I do not believe it is the job of The Supreme Court to be legislating in the name of adjudication …and I am afraid that the SCOTUS is trying to replace the Executive Branch of Government with their radical activism.

More About Me

I have been desperately poor in my lifetime and I have also attained a million dollar credit rating at one juncture as well … so I have been at the bottom of the totem pole as well as on top too. Right now, I am just retired and living comfortably on the fruits of a lifetime of work and entrepreneurship.

I blog because I like to be heard, and I blog because it is relaxing and comforting and stress relieving. I blog because I generally love people. I blog because I believe that I am a patriot and that I should express myself so that others who think like me can be encouraged and so that those who do not think like me might be encouraged to at least listen to what I am saying and analyze it for themselves in a world that is becoming darker with each day that passes in a country where democracy is constantly being attacked.

That will do it for now. If I can think of anything else later on, I will come back here and add it to this page.

Thanks for coming! Have a truly blessed life.

Respectfully yours,

The Imaginary Billionaire