Had Me A Blue Spell Today

My friend Jimmy was playing old sad love songs from his country music collection today — his “Massive” collection, I should say and as I was listening, my mind went back to days gone by and I started thinking about my wife and my parents … and my dog … and all the good times that will never be again … and I got very sad and began to silently cry. I had to wait until the tears stopped flowing before I could administer my glaucoma drops. Can you say, “Pity Party?” I guess that despite all my exterior bravado, I am still a kind of wimp after all .. because men are not supposed to cry, are they?

We had macaroni with hamburger and spaghetti sauce for lunch today … (“Johnny Marzetti”) and it was delicious. Marzetti and toasted Italian bread. Yummy!

I discovered something called the “Blue Zone” diet today …. a diet that is supposed to help people live to be a Hundred years old ….I looked into it … I am not sure I could stomach that diet on a daily basis … It is all about grains and fruits and vegetables and tofu and all that kind of stuff that makes up a lot of other eccentric diets … diets like the Mediterranean diet … and a few others. I guess that I am going to remain a traditional American diet lover for the rest of my 120 years. (The Bible says that Humans are designed to live to be at least 120 years old.).

But if you would like to check the “Blue Zone” diet out for yourself, here is a link you might find interesting: https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition/a-complete-blue-zones-diet-food-list-and-meal-plan/

About now I am starting to think about some good old country biscuits and sausage gravy with fried potatoes on the side.

The Internet Can Be Useful Sometimes

Before you read a word of this post, be sure and read and understand the medical disclaimer for this blog. You can read my medical disclaimer by clicking on the following link: https://limingslynkz.com/medical-disclaimer/

I was watching a movie recently where some guy had told his friends that he was using hand sanitizer in his private areas to stave off the itching and the effects of certain kinds of eczema in these sensitive areas. I thought to myself, “Alright that makes sense to me so I might file that information away for future use if ever I need it.”

Then I decided to check it out on the Internet.

Here is what I discovered about that “Brainy” idea:

“Hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can irritate the delicate tissues of the genital area. It can also dry out the skin and cause irritation and itching. In addition, using hand sanitizer on the genital area can lead to an increased risk of infection, as the alcohol in the sanitizer can kill off beneficial bacteria on the skin.”

That was the consensus of a bunch of Internet geniuses that I looked up for information.

I do not know how accurate the Internet information was but I will tell you this much, “I am not going to put hand sanitizer on private areas for any reason.”

The major scary tale I read was that some of those hand sanitizers contain isopropyl alcohol that can get into your bloodstream and possibly be deadly.

None of that for me, thank you.

Benefits Of Exercise When You Are Feeling Lazy

Read my medical disclaimer before going any further:


1. Improved energy levels: Regular exercise can help you maintain energy levels throughout the day. This can help you stay alert and focused, even when you feel lazy.

2. Improved mental health: Exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can be helpful when you’re feeling down or unmotivated.

3. Increased motivation: Exercise can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. It can also help you maintain a positive outlook on life.

4. Improved physical health: Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 5. Increased self-confidence: Exercise can help you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. This can be helpful when you’re feeling lazy or unmotivated.


How can one get motivated to exercise when feeling lazy:

1. Make a plan: Make a plan on how you are going to exercise and stick to it. This will give you something to look forward to and will help you stay motivated.

2. Set realistic and achievable goals: Set yourself achievable goals and make sure they are realistic. This will help you stay motivated and focused on achieving them.

3. Change your environment: Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. Try something different, such as walking in a park or swimming at the beach. This will help break up the monotony and give you something to look forward to.

4. Find an exercise buddy: Find someone to exercise with who will motivate and encourage you. Having someone to chat with and who will push you to keep going can be a great motivator. Having a dog can help because most dogs always want to go out walking with their human.

5. Listen to music: Music can be a great motivator when you’re feeling lazy. Put on your favorite tunes and it will help you get moving. 6. Reward yourself: Give yourself something to look forward to after you’ve exercised. This could be a treat or a relaxing activity to reward yourself for all your hard work.

When To Listen To Your Laziness

It might be more than just plain old tiredness or laziness …..It is important to listen to your body when it is telling you that you are tired. If you are feeling tired, it may be a sign that you need to take a break and rest. If your fatigue is impacting your daily life and causing you to be unable to perform tasks at your usual level, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms and find ways to manage your fatigue.

Exercise should be more fun than it is work unless you really like to work and then work and play can be one and the same. It is an individual matter but always remember to train and not to strain.

This phrase is often used as a reminder to take things slow and steady, and not to push yourself too hard. It is also often used to encourage someone to be mindful of their limits and to not overexert themselves. It is always best to take it all slow and easy, being careful not to do too much at the beginning and increasing the effort as time goes by.