A Republican Storm Is Brewing

The elections are coming again … first the mid terms and then the all important presidential election are at our doorstep.  My how times does fly!

Are you ready for another Republican administration since the Republicans seem to have gone totally rogue against democracy lately — including their cronies at the Supreme Court?

What do Republicans stand for these days?

They stand for “Control,” they do not stand for service to the average voter .. their service model is designed to serve the interests of the very rich and screw the small person. They want to make us all subservient to their complete control over every aspect of our lives.  They are no longer interested in democracy.  In fact, their policies are against democratic norms and are more authoritarian than anything else.

Republicans these days are all about taking away your personal liberties and freedoms.  Just look at what they did to women’s rights!  Get ready to watch them attack LGBTQ rights, the right to vote and affirmative action, the clean water act, and a lot of other things that we have come to think of as rights.

They want to rewrite the constitution to their own authoritarian liking.  They want to recreate the country in the image of Trump.

Are you going to allow this to happen?  Remember that the voting booth is where you can save your democracy.  Remember that the Republicans want to destroy your democracy.


Exo 2

Got up this morning … and at my age I consider getting up in the morning to be a welcome miracle.  Got up remembering that I watched the last episode of a NetFlix offering called “Empress” and was disappointed that the series ended abruptly in the midst of one of the most exciting scenes.  Netflix and I might part company one of these days.

Was thinking, this morning, about Ukraine and Russia and wondering how it all will end.  I am thinking that Rootin Tootin might be feeling a little cornered at this point and may soon try to use some small victory on the battlefield as an excuse to sue for peace.  No matter what he does, it is my sincere hope that the rest of the world will not forget what he has done already and will continue to isolate his ass until the day he retires, goes to prison, or dies.

It looks like the American Latino Community might be leaning more and more to the political right as the mid-term elections approach.  If that is the case, then the Latino Community just may vote to change the country they thought was such a nice place to come and make a home in to something that hates them enough to go completely anti-immigrant on them all.  In my gut, I know they are smarter than that.  I hope they are smarter than that.  For all our sakes, I hope they are smarter than that.

I guess I should be less worried about America’s fast-rising neo-fascist tide and the crisis in our democratic form of government, but like I have said before, I am more or less a nobody, and I, personally, can’t do a damned thing to change the course of the nation so I will just have to hunker down and ride the flow of whatever comes hoping I can survive it all intact. If I can manage to paste strong enough protective barriers over my anal regions, I might have a chance.  That is also the same thing I say every time I walk through the door of a grocery store these days too …”Attention shoppers, there is a fantastic screwing in aisle No. 9 — bend over!”

I am tired of paying exorbitant prices at grocery stores for lettuce heads in pretty plastic-wrap packages that have horrendous-looking dark brown stuff sliding around the edges of leaves once you cut the lettuce head open.  I am tired of finding greenish spots of mold on meats in display cases and pears that remain as hard as rocks once you purchase them and until the day they rot.

But what is a person to do?  The consumer is never going to get a break until the consumer gets enough sense in his or her head to organize other consumers and to go on strike against certain foods, certain brands and certain stores until the management of those places understands that the public is getting tired of being shit on by their greedy ways of doing business.


“You’ll Never Be Content”

If I were to write a story where someone tells me, “You will never be content” I will have to dredge up memories of most of the assholes in my life who have tried to hold me back with their nay-saying.

I guess the first of such depressing events was the time when a person who I thought was my best friend became angry with me and told me, “You will never be anything in this life, you will never leave this hole that you live in.”  His name was “Skip” and he was angry with me because he was “Gay” and I was not and I had resisted his physical advances.

Skip was wrong, of course, because I believe it was the very week that he had said that when I went to a large nearby city and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force for four years.,

The next time I encountered someone trying to squash my ambitions was the day that my own father, a manual laborer in a local cemetery (A gravedigger who dug graves by hand with a pick and shovel — a job that he had worked for many years –told me one day, “You were born poor and you will always be a working man and if you know what is good for you, you will work here with me in this cemetery once you get out of the Air Force,”

The vision of myself being a 65-year-old gray-haired man with a shovel in my hand, working for shit wages for the rest of my life was enough to propel me to go into industry and, through hard work … through good times and bad times … rise to ownership and more money than I had ever imagined could possibly exist … especially for me.

The moral of this story is, “Never cave into other people’s expectations of who and what you are or what you might ever do or be because the truth is, you can achieve in life whatever you can perceive in your mind through a burning desire to succeed.

There are no known exceptions to this universal law.

Might Not Be So Bad

I noticed this morning that I have had one thousand comments on “Liming’s Links” so maybe it isn’t such a shit blog as I had imagined after all. Thanks to everyone, sane people and trolls, who have taken the time to send me a comment.  I love every one of you … except for the few assholes that I have blocked because you just had to keep calling me nasty names.

I noticed that somebody was selling domains for just a little over $3.00 yesterday and they are selling them this morning for a little over $4.00 so all I can say is “Piss Off” because I already have my domain!

I didn’t win the state lottery again last night but then, when you think about it, I do not need to win it at all … and I still don’t know why I even play the damned thing. If I were to win a million dollars in a lottery it would be nothing but a pain in the ass for me because I already have everything that I need and adding more to the picture would only be obscene flaunting.

Human composting is coming of age in some people’s minds.  It means that when people die, their remains will be processed into a form of fertilizer that can be used to grow crops and flowers and whatever.  “Oh, Uncle Melvin?  That is him over there under those roses in the window box.”

I almost brought my chef to tears this morning when I requested a breakfast consisting of “Spam,” a processed meat product in a can, potato chips and brussels sprouts. But, as always, I got my way.

Some inventive mind in California has come up with a new flavor of ice cream that is gaining some popularity in the Van Nuys region …the new flavor is “Ketchup.”




The Scandal Of Child Hunger In The United States

Free photos of Burger

I remember when President Reagan remarked to somebody that he did not know there were homeless people in America.  I am sure that if asked, he probably would not have known about the pervasive child hunger in the USA either. In fact, he was so busy busting up the utility companies that he probably wasn’t aware of a lot of things.  You remember the failed “Reaganomics” don’t you?  Another Republican wet dream gone to hell in a hand basket.

The United States (Which some misinformed people claim is a Christian country) should not have any children going hungry and homeless … but I guess that the “Christians” have failed in their duties to take care of the poor among us because, at one point, millions (I said “Millions”) of children are going hungry and are facing the uncertainties of real poverty every day of their lives in every community in our nation.

With the billions of dollars The USA is sending to the aid of foreign countries these days and with all the wasteful pork barrels being passed by Congress — mostly to favor the rich …there is just no excuse for children to suffer hunger and homelessness and poverty in this, the supposedly richest country on the face of the earth … yet they are suffering … as many as 12 million or more of them …and it is total bullshit that they have to suffer like this!

As you might imagine, most of the children who go without adequate food every day of their lives come from low income families…. both democrat families and republican families …and independent families — just all families —and what is a low income family?  A low income family is one of those families that happen because of lingering Conservative policies in our government that is more concerned with making the rich richer and the poor even poorer than anything they can think of.

I am telling you the truth here, insane as it may sound, but you are not going to hear about this silent American travesty in the Main Stream Media.  It is embarrassing to the big money boys and they would just rather hide it than to talk about it.

Here we are now in another recession and if you think child hunger was a problem when times were good, just imagine how damned bad it is going to get when the recession gets deeper and things tighten up even more than they are now.

American politicians are fond of yelling about children being the future of America but it doesn’t seem to me like they give enough damn about child hunger to actually do something about it other than a few little token programs … like school lunches … that barely scratch the surface of the real needs. (Have you gotten into your expensive RV and taken a casual drive through Appalachia lately?).

I shudder to think that there are more than 30 million people in America living on pitifully small food stamp benefits but there are and the number is growing with each passing day.  I remember the food stamp fiasco from when I went bankrupt back in 1978.  The sons of bitches gave my family of 5 people a paltry $150 dollars for a month’s worth of food … and they only gave it to us once.  If you have thought that you would like to take a politician to bed with you someday, just think about how it must be to try to keep your family alive and well on $150 per month and then remember that you have your politicians to thank for it.

And think about this too … if your favorite politician is a Republican SOB, and if he and his gang get control of the government, they are going to work their asses off to make sure you get a lot less than that miserly $150 because that is what they do.  That is one of the many ways they get their rocks off … by screwing the poor.




Is Our Supreme Court Legitimate Anymore?

There are questions about the legitimacy of the contemporary United States Supreme Court because of its growing partisan nature.  Some of the latest decisions by The Supreme Court have rocked the nation to the core … specifically the overturning of Rowe vs Wade.

It seems to me like the Supreme Court has been moving more dangerously toward the American radical right point of view in its decisions for some time now and I personally believe that is because the Court has now been packed by the Trump administration with some justices who might be very enthusiastic about seeing Trumpist viewpoints dominate the opinions rendered throughout the entire American judicial system.

It seems to me that the Supreme Court is now more likely than ever to rule on things exactly the way the Republicans want them to — am I dreaming here or is there something I have missed?

If I am not wrong, Impartiality is supposed to be the guiding virtue of our Supreme Court .. not blatant partisanship!

So is there a solution for this problem?  I believe there is.

I believe the solution to the problem is for the Supreme Court to be required to have an equal number of justices from both sides of the political aisle.  It could begin by reorganizing the Court so that it has 5 democrats and 5 republicans on the bench.

I believe that having an equal number of justices on the Supreme Court from both sides of the aisle would solve the problem of growing hyper-partisanship on that august body once and for all.



I like the idea that our American democratic way of life is often explained as “The Great Experiment.” “Experiments” are trial and error mechanisms that scientists and others use to arrive at something that is practical and workable and in the realm of experimentation there are many successes and failures until a usable and more or less permanent result is obtained.

With all The United States’ often rocky ups and downs across the centuries, I guess the “Great Experiment” is still working for most of us even though I fear that it is now being questioned and even threatened by a huge radical faction rising from the cesspools of modern idealism stolen from something that once called itself “Conservatism.” There is a noticeable shift going on now ,,, ever since the advance of a darkness sometimes called “Trumpism” toward ever-increasingly-radical right-wing-ism in The United States … even, if you analyze what is happening, a shift away from democracy to a form of fascism.  It is not only an American trend, it is happening across the globe.

There are idiots — misinformed idiots — on the American Political Right who are convinced that The United States is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles even though the facts show us that there is very little mention of God or religion in the writings of the founding fathers and most especially in the founding documents such as the Constitution,

This same bunch of brainwashed airheads also believe that the People of the United States are invoived in an ongoing culture war and some of them are even calling this situation “Another American Civil War.”  With the very obvious love that these pricks have for guns and violence …. yes, they are even saying to the world that violence is now becoming an accepted method by which to make changes in political policy –I know that some of the more radical members of some of their radical militia groups must probably be getting erections over the thought of spilling blood to achieve their wet dream of taking over the government …but so far, level heads have prevailed for the most part.

One of the greatest dangers of the American Conservatives today is their mistaken notion, widely shared am long themselves ..and their followers …that they alone possess the moral high ground in America and that anybody and everybody else are inferior to their agenda and to them, themselves ….that they have the only keys to effective governance …that they are the only ones who can fix everything that they think is wrong in The United States today and that their mission to change the face of our democratic republic is somehow ordained by and approved by God Himself.

We can see evidence of this delusion in something that has recently arisen in the American political arena calling itself, “Christian Nationalism” which, in my view, is nothing but a self-serving bastardization of Christianity meant to be a mechanism to consolidate favor among their acolytes and to advance the illusion that they are going to rise up in some revolutionary way some day and take over the entire government.




First of all, we need to consider something that Adolph Hitler once wrote in his book, “Mein Kampf” —-” Through the clever and constant application of propaganda people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” (Mein Kampf, 1923.)

If you can remember anything about the Trump administration that we endured for 4 long years, before the attempted insurrection on January 6th, you will also remember that that administration and its great leader were really experts in using that same kind of propaganda … but it was edited and revised to fit the situation that we found ourselves in during that administration.

Nevertheless, it was just as effective then in the previous administration as it was back in 1938 and 39 and j just as effective as it still is today as the Republicans seem to have adopted it as their major mass communication modus operandi.

The Republicans’ refined and modernized propaganda machine actually brainwashed more than 70 million Americans into believing that the Trump administration was akin to the Second Coming of Christ.  And a dangerous number of them still believe it.

Trump himself never articulated the belief that he was the King of Israel or the Second Coming of God but it is apparent that millions of Americans must believe that he is because, in my opinion, their fanatic devotion to him does sort of elevate him to the position of deity.

So are the Republicans drifting toward fascism? “While no two fascist movements are entirely alike, during fascism’s heyday in the 1920s and 30s, they shared several common themes. All of those themes are present in today’s Republican Party.” That was a quote from “Alternet.”  Read more about this on ALTERNET.



You have probably heard about the “Dark Money” that gets poured into America’s elections but have you ever wondered where all that dark money comes from?

Just because dark money donors are not required to identify themselves it does not mean that they are unknown,

If you are at all interested in where dark money comes for American elections you can find out a lot about it  here … Learn where that dark money comes from.

Now you know where some of it comes from.

So is it time to kill the dark money monster in American politics or not? I believe Chuq thinks it is!

What do YOU think?


I had this weird idea when the United Nations first started operations, way back when, that it was an organization that could prevent innocent people from dying in harsh wars between nations.

Now that Russia has decided to rape Ukraine and kill innocent civilians in their unprovoked war against Ukraine, what is the United Nations doing about it all?  Where are the UN “Peace Keepers?”  Where is that coalition of international forces contesting the Russian right to do what they have been doing in Ukraine?

Is the United Nations actually an obsolete body whose time has passed and which is nothing more than a bunch of old men doing a lot of talking and taking no meaningful action against aggression in the world?

If what I have just suggested is true, then what justification is there for refusing to replace that expensive damned UN headquarters with an apartment complex or a shopping mall?

If it is not true– what I said — then when in the hell are we going to see something from the United Nations that will actually live up to the challenge of their original charter in the Ukrainian problem?

Has the United Nations now become the same as the now defunct old League of Nations?