It’s All Alright Even If It Is All Bullshit
I spent some time yesterday reading what the blogging experts had to say again and I always get frustrated when I read what the blogging experts have to say even though I am convinced that some of them do know what they are talking about.

This blogging expert told me to write “Quality” stuff and advised me never to post multiple posts in a single day. He told me that if I post multiple posts in a single day I am going to irritate people and they will either never follow me or they will stop following me if they were following me,

So I do a little checking on blogs such as “Huffington Post” and a few others and guess what I discovered. I found out that those blogs, all of which have thousands of readers each and every day without fail, post non-stop around the clock.

And what is the definition of “Quality Material” that all the experts want us to post? Here is the definition that I found:
“Quality material for blog posts means content that is informative, engaging, and well-researched. It should also be original, accurate, and free from grammar and spelling errors. Quality material should be tailored to the target audience and should be written with the intention of providing value and insight to the reader.”

I came to my own conclusions after reading that. I concluded that:

My blog posts are, in fact, informative. I am always informing people of what I think about things. In the process, I am looking to find other people who are willing to share with me how they feel about things. So I guess that for my niche I am informative as hell because there are few people in the world more opinionated than I.

Engaging and well researched: I should be engaging as hell because I am eccentric enough to engage almost anyone with half a brain but the fact is that I operate from an intellectual center that draws on universal power and knowledge, and is, therefore, a few hundred cuts above the norm …in the area of conceptual genius, I would say … and maybe that turns some people off … I don’t know. I do know that I am a bird of a different hue and that those who like the unordinary and the disordinary should love the living hell out of me. Researching of course, is a non-starter because researching suggests a lot of work doing nothing more than reading what other people have to say and distilling it into something that fits my mold. Anybody can do that and, if the research is not obtained from biased sources, half of the people who should be reading my stuff wouldn’t read it anyway because a lot of humanity lives in an echo chamber and would not accept different views on issues under any circumstances.

I am supposed to be writing stuff that is free from grammar and spelling errors too. Well, I use the spell checker so if there is a spelling error in my stuff then it is not my fault. As to errors in grammar, I have eight separate certificates from accredited educational institutions in English usage and I have a grammar checker at work on my blog so if there is a deficiency in grammar, again it is not my fault.

According to the egghead experts, I am supposed to be writing stuff that is of some value and insight to my readers. With the depth of my knowledge base and my considerable experience in the field of communications and Journalism, the presence of value and insight in my blog posts should be academic.

Like I say, if blogging is going to be a matter to working hard and paying strict attention to a million little details in order to be considered as successful, then I say it is not worth the time of day to sit at a keyboard and rack my brains. It has to be fun or it isn’t of any value at all. Good clean casual fun!

In my opinion, that is what blogging should be.