Websites Where People Give Free Money

Since I have named my blog, “Liming’s Links,” then I guess I will provide a link or two from time to time that might actually help some people in one way or another.

This link that I am about to provide here is a link that reveals at least 27 different websites where anyone can go online and ask for money and, if your story is convincing enough, there may be a high chance that someone will respond and give you the money that you need.

I am personally trying one of these sites out for myself to see how well the idea works … but I have not been at this game long enough to really see what the results might be in my case ….and, of course, I really have no need to ask anyone for anything … but my curiosity is such that I cannot resist trying it out.

At any rate, if you are fascinated HERE IS THE SITE I would like you to visit.