If Trump Were Indicted, What Then?

There has been a lot of discussion on the Media, on the Web, in the bars and brothels, and in the highways and byways of America about whether former president — and I use the term in the technical sense only — Trump (I can hardly bring myself to type the name) — will ever be indicted for anything and what would happen if he was to be indicted.

Some folks wish and even believe that if Trump were indicted for something, he would not be able to run for president. That is not true. He definitely could run for president and he could run and he could win because there is not a thing in the constitution barring a convicted felon from running for the presidency or holding the office if he or she should win it.

On the other hand, the question of how the inauguration would go and how the indicted president could begin his occupancy of the White House is still up in the air and could even require some judicial wrangling because such a thing has never before happened in the History of the United States.

I am thinking that questions about whether the indicted president could actually serve out the duties of the presidency if convicted would end up in the hands of the Conservative-Heavy Supreme Court. I do not have the greatest respect for the present-day Supreme Court so I am thinking, in my own head, “Yeah! The SCROTUS would, more than likely let their boy serve regardless of his status as an indicted person.”

What effect such an outcome would have on the rest of the world is up for questioning. How many of the nations of the world would be open to dealing with a president serving under either indictment or sentence?

No matter what arguments are presented or by whom they are presented, I believe that if there is ever an indictment of the Trumpster, the result will probably be years and years of appeals, delays, wrangling by the courts, and all the other convenient delaying tactics that lawyers can come up with, and if all this were to come about, the Trump might be able to actually remain in the Office of The Presidency for the entire Four years of his term.

And I believe that if all that I have said so far transpires, Newly-elected-for-the-second term Trump and his cronies in Congress would have had the time (By the end of his term) to have held a Constitutional Convention and managed to have the Constitution re-written so that Trump could serve as “President For Life.”