Will The American System Of Law Survive?

As I watch the unfolding of the legal mess that is brewing around former president Trump and the allegations that he has mishandled certain classified documents, only a few words keep pounding at my brain … ” Distraction, deception, delay, diversion.”

Doesn’t anyone believe that it is way past time for the law to apply to the former guy?


Well, I Will Tell You One Darned Thing

OP ED’by
John (Blog Author)

Like my old friend, “One-Eyed Ollie” used to growl at me sometimes, “Well, I’ll tell you one darned thing….” let me make the same darned expression as I declare the following one of my super-potentially-completely Inarguable opinions to you:

My inspired-from-above opinion that I want to share right now is this:

“If The United States Department of Justice does not appeal the decision of that Trump-appointed judge concerning appointment of a “Special Master” to halt an ongoing DOJ investigation … and if they don’t do it soon …. I am going to start getting suspicions that the DOJ may be  allowing the Trump/Mar a Lago Classified Document case to enjoy some pretty unprecedented favorable “Kid Gloves” treatment and I will start to wonder if somebody is hoping to “Run The Clock” on the case so that in due time it will be beyond the action of the government to do anything at all about it.

But before I start entertaining those kinds of suspicions, I will hereby admit that I will, at first, believe that there is something going on over at the DOJ surrounding this Trunp thing that nobody knows about yet and that, when the rubber hits the road, Justice will eventually be served and our democratic way of life will be preserved and protected after all.

After all, God does work in mysterious ways His Wonders to perform.

And if what I just said is eventually proven to have any truth to it at all, I would be interested to learn just exactly how deep into our government Trump influence has already penetrated and what deep penetration into our government by these forces would mean to the stability of democracy.


Republicans Could Rewrite The Constitution …

It is no joke — It is a frightening reality — It is within their reach — It would turn The United States into a living Hell … for everybody … except the billionaire rich!

(Quote:) …”Imagine, to add injury to insult, that the federal government has shut down Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, because all of these programs (along with food stamps, Pell grants, housing supports, and any programs that help the middle class, the less fortunate, or disabled) are “beyond the reach” of what the federal government can do because they’re now unconstitutional….(End of Quote).

But wait, folks — there is so much more to this scary scenario ….. a scenario that is in process …. that is being financed ….. that is being discussed by the rich and powerful …..that is just one election away from becoming a totalitarian reality for everybody …..and it is not a conspiracy theory either.

Take the time to read the whole damned plan because it might open the eyes of millions of sleeping Americans who are standing on a precipice.

And what is the whole damned plan?

Here is a big part of it ….RIGHT HERE. Imagine …. imagine and be afraid … be very afraid!

But wait! There is more ..lots more … even scarier shit … RIGHT HERE. You know what I mean?

By the way, did you know that Tucker Carlson is edging Sean Hannity out at Fox as the main talking head? Now that is scary! If you thought Hannity was something, you are going to absolutely fall in love with Carlson. Read that shit ...HERE. As the old Jewish man in the movie, Schindler’s List remarked …. as he was being forced to share living space with other families … “My God, can it get any worse?”

Oh yeah — Oh yeah — it sure can … and … it is!

Wake up America, your freedoms are being attacked on every front!