I see that The United States is involved in a war between Ukraine and Russia and that we are sending seemingly endless amounts of military equipment and money to help Ukraine in their efforts to protect themselves.

For those who argue that we are not involved, let me give an illustration to explain why we are involved.

Suppose there was some kid who was getting his ass kicked by a big bully and the kid had little or nothing to defend himself with.

Suppose that a good samaritan came along and gave the kid a big club with which to defend himself and he went ahead and beat the bully up.

While the bully had the big mouth and the big fists and had nothing in his way to continue beating the little kid, the bully thought that everything was going well.

But when the samaritan came along and gave the poor little kid the big stick, the bully started complaining that the samaritan was involved and was responsible for the black eye that the little kid gave him with the big stick the samaritan had supplied.

The question is moot as to whether the samaritan was involved in the conflict between the kid and the bully.  There is no doubt in my mind that the samaritan was heavily involved in bringing about the defeat of the bully and was, in fact, fighting alongside the kid by reason of his contributions to the fray.

So we can paint the picture any way we want to paint it, the fact is … as I see it, that we are, indeed, actively engaged in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia by our continued sending all the money and the weapons to Ukraine to be used in their struggle against the invading bully.

I keep hearing information suggesting that we plan to keep supplying all that help to Ukraine, but I have yet to hear when and how we might stop doing all that and try to get things here at home back to some form of normal.

We seem to have plans to stay in this fray for as long as it takes but I have yet to hear about some kind of plan for us to withdraw from it all eventually.  It doesn’t make sense to me to have a plan for participation without some kind of withdrawal strategy.

I contend that we need an exit strategy and owing to the increasing danger of being involved, we need it fast!

Our government here in America is supposed to be in the business of protecting us and our fellow citizens .. not getting us into situations that might end up with calamitous consequences.

Given the revealed nature of the aggressor in the Ukraine/Russian situation, I do not think there will ever be any viable military solution to the problem and that somewhere along the line, negotiations between all the parties are going to be required to prevent something really catastrophic from happening to everybody involved.

How long will it be before both parties to this conflict bankrupt themselves totally and thus endanger the security and safety for all their citizens?  How many must die before the powers that be realize the absolute folly of war itself?  Has History taught no lesson that has been learned?

The insanity on both sides must cease.



The world surely must be laughing at us here in The United States right now because we have a lot of serious problems facing us and all the politicians talk about the problems but little or nothing ever seems to get done about them. There is lots of talk coming out of Washington but little ever happens.

There is talk about the inflation that is strangling the economy, there is talk about the money being sent to bolster the Ukrainians in their war against Russia, there is talk about how weak the Biden administration is, there is talk about how partisan the Supreme Court has become, talk, talk and more talk … but nothing seems to ever get done to solve any of the problems.

People who can’t afford to pay rent or who have to make a decision between buying groceries for a week and paying the rent do not need a lot of long winded politicians in Washington talking about the problems.  People in these circumstances need bipartisan legislation — not talk —  to help them right now, right now with their real day-to-day struggles, not some vague “Pie In The Sky” talk of better things to come somewhere down the road.

Where are all the demonstrations of frustrated voters, lining the streets of our nation, holding their signs and placards and screaming their demands for action through bull horns and loud speakers?  Where are the protesters?  I remember in the days of the Vietnam war there were crowds of protesters on the streets nearly every day calling for an end to the war.  I remember the near riots of concerned citizens on Wall Street during a fiscal crisis.  Where are the activists when we need them? There was more action than talk in those days!

I guess the answer to my last question might be, “Maybe people do not care to go out into a protest and get their skulls crushed by police billy clubs or have their lungs scarred by clouds of tear gas. They would probably prefer to just sit comfortably at home in front of their television sets and talk about what is happening and what needs to happen than to actually get involved.

Sometimes it looks like our government is totally impotent when it comes to serving the needs, the dreams and desires of the voters but it seems to be on libidinal enhancement drugs when it comes to catering to the whims of the wealthy and the super-wealthy. Politicans make promises every day but I say, “Talk is cheap.  Put your money where your mouth is.”

Maybe I am not being fair.  Maybe there is something I have missed or something that I do not know.  But it seems to me that things could be a lot better than they are at this point.  On the other hand, I know that things could also be a lot worse than they are.  At least we aren’t hiding in basements and bunkers yet, but I believe that if we keep on the way we have been going in places like Ukraine, the days of hiding in basements and bunkers can’t be too awfully far away.

I suspect that if those kinds of days ever come upon us, they will come suddenly as a thief in the night and the whole bunch of us will be asking, “How in the hell could this have ever happened in America?

Can we talk about this?




Is Armageddon On The Way ?

Russia’s Putin (Poontang) has called for a partial mobilization of his citizenry now in order to obtain the services of 300-thousand of his reserve military forces …. and these forces will be thrown, badly (Insufficiently) armed onto the front lines of the Ukrainian “Special Military Operation” with the deadly, cold-assed Russian winter right on the horizon.

In my view, this is a reverse of the situation where Hitler tried to send his armies into Russia and had a tragedy of a problem getting his troops supplied and they virtually froze to death in the failed effort.

Poontang has been having problems getting his troops supplied too and I guess he is either unaware or unconcerned about continuing supply issues connected to adding 300 thousand additional pieces of cannon fodder to the Ukrainian Battlefront.

All the while, Putin is ranting and raving about the Ukrain conflict being a war to save the Russian People from some imagined horror that the West is about to unleash on them and is, once again, rattling his nuclear saber.

The West, in the meantime, is sending even more weapons to the assistance of the Ukrainian fighters desperately trying to reclaim their own country from Russian enslavement and tyranny.

In the meantime, I have but one vision in my head about the eventual outcome of all this posturing and destruction …. I wish Washington would wake the hell up before it is too late.

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